How to Grout and Lay Floor Tiles?

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It’s common for people to take on the endeavor to build their homes themselves. Flooring plays an important part in creating an impression on the overall look of the house. If you are laying the tiles yourself, you need to be aware of all the nitty-gritties of flooring. Although it is not a very difficult job, you have to do it carefully so as to avoid uneven surface or holes between tiles.

What You Need –

1. Tile cutter and adhesive
2. Putty Knife
3. Grout
4. Grout float made of rubber
5. Spacers
6. Joint Scraper
7. Tiles
8. Sponges
9. Buckets
10. A container to mix the grout

Before you begin to lay the tiles, prepare the base floor. Keep the above mentioned supplies and tools handy so that you do not have to leave your work and go in search of them when the need arises.

Calculate the number of tiles that you will need and keep a few spare tiles handy, in case of breakage. Avoid grouting at it hardens up in just 10 minutes. Even out the subfloor and then begin the tiling work.

Laying Tiles –

1. Choose the pattern in which you are going to lay the tile and lay the key tile.
2. Start working from the interior of the room and move towards the exit.
3. Even out the subfloor and remove any dirt.
4. Apply a little tile adhesive to the subfloor.
5. Place the tiles one by one over the adhesive and press them firmly.
6. You will need to maintain equal gap between the tiles with the help of tile spacers.
7. When you place the tile on the tile adhesive and press it, some of the adhesive may squeeze out through the sides. Wipe it away before it leaves any marks.
8. After you finish laying the tiles, leave them to set for a day or two before you use the floor.


After laying the tiles, you have to grout it so that the tiles remain in place.

1. Prepare the tile spaces for grouting by cleaning the tiles using grout scrape.
2. Mix the grouting materials a little at a time. The grout should be pliable without being too wet.
3. Press it in to tile spaces using the rubber grout.
4. Wipe away any excess grout using the sponge and water. Smoothen the joint and ensure that the grout is not excessively wet.
5. As when laying tiles, start grouting from the interior of the room and move towards the exit.
6. When you finish grouting, let it set for a day and then use the floor.

Flooring is not very difficult if you know what you need and how to go about it. Follow the step by step guide for grouting and laying tiles and your floor will be ready.

Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality. She’s a contributor for Americas Home Place, the popular custom builders based in Fredericksburg VA.

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