How to Make a Small Room Seem Spacious

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You’ve just moved into your new home or apartment and everything seems great … except for the fact that your bedroom, living room or sitting room looks like it got shrunk in the dryer!

Before you get too frustrated about the size of your room (particularly if you’re not sure how to arrange your furniture in a smaller space) there are tricks to open up the room to seem as though it’s more spacious than it really is.

Try Some Color

You may think darker colors may have a cozier, homier feel, but when you are dealing with a small room, you need to think cool. Lighter shades of lemon yellow, sky blue, green and white or cream will create more light in the room and open it up.

It’s a simple trick that makes the eye think it’s seeing more space than it really is and makes the room less cave-like. Think about walking into a dark room and how it seems a little less open and spacious then a room painted a lighter shade.

Where Does all this Furniture Go?

Let’s face it, you may have to scale back a little bit for a littler room. Next time you’re out shopping, maybe for CJ Pony Parts mustang seats, head into a furniture store and think about minimizing the bulky items you may have. A sectional couch can get traded for a standard sofa, and multi-purpose furniture such as a small bookshelf can also serve as a shelf for knickknacks. Anything with drawers can be used to store items.

When you’re arranging furniture, don’t block yourself in. Leaving lots of open space in the center of the room is key to making the room seem larger. Push couches, tables or larger items up against the wall and arrange smaller pieces in between.

Think about what you want to go into the room, and don’t overdo it when you are decorating. A room with minimal things hanging on the walls or items on shelves is going to look bigger. Once you fill a room with too much stuff, décor, or too many pictures on the walls, it begins to look cluttered as well as crowded. You may have to store some unwanted items out in the garage with your CJ Pony Mustang.

Careful Decorating

Think about what catches your attention when you walk into a little room. Your eyes may glance around the room, but any attention that brings the eye upward is automatically going to elongate the room. Hang some fun light fixtures to add more visual interest to the ceiling of the room. Several chandeliers, something colorful or just something eclectic will make the room seem taller and therefore larger.

Maybe you weren’t exactly thinking of using mirrors in your home décor, but as it turns out, they are an interior designer’s first line of defense for making a tiny room seem bigger. Hanging a couple of mirrors reflects light and makes the room seem larger by creating an illusion of more space. You don’t have to go overboard with this; one or two large mirrors will suffice to create the effect.

Open the Windows

Yes, it’s that simple to open up a small space. Letting in natural light adds space to a small room. Light opens up the area and, when combined with the light colored walls, makes the space seem larger and nicer than it may be. And, natural light is great for your mood too!

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