How To Make Moving House Less Stressful

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Moving home is a very hectic and stressful time in many respects but there are ways to make this an easier experience.

Buy removal kits

There are lots of companies online who sell removal kits and these include boxes, bubble wrap, tape with dispenser, and labels. The removal kits can come in a variety of specifications and these include a student kit, personal made ones, as well as those for 1-2 bedrooms and so on. In terms of price they can start at as little as £15 and they then go up from there depending on your needs.  A great idea is to have furniture covers to ensure that sofas, beds and suchlike are not damaged when moving through door frames and vehicles.

Removal company

Some removal companies will come in and box your home up, for a fee of course, but on the plus side they are trained on how to pack items properly and safely so they are not damaged in the journey from your old home to your new home.  Some companies provide packing boxes for you if you decide to do it yourself and this will save you money but you do have to unpack by a certain date as they will need the boxes back.

Hire a large van

There are so many people who will hire or borrow a van but in plenty of cases the van they hire is not very big so it takes longer to move as it involves more trips and also costs more as you need to put more fuel in. You can also hire a large van with a tailgate on it to help when lifting boxes and moving furniture on and off.

Set the TV & DVD up immediately

A helpful tip in the new house when you are moving the stuff in is to pack the children’s favourite games, DVDs, snacks and drinks to be taken out first, and they will be no trouble to you while you are busy moving the rest of your belongings in.

Have a clear out

While you are packing it is a great time to clear out and bin anything that is either out of date, does not fit or no longer has a use.  Do not forget that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure so give your unwanted items to charity.

Always remember to mark on each box which room it is going in (bedroom one, bedroom two, kitchen, lounge etc.) and always keep the kettle and cups to hand so you can use them straight away when you get to your new home.


Paul Booth

Article written by Paul Booth representing who provide moving kits and other packing essentials to help you in your move.

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