How to Make the Most of a Property Viewing

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This post looks at important factors that should always be considered when undertaking a property viewing.

A Thorough Look

How often do people go to view a property and just have a quick look around, then realise when they have moved in that there is a problem? Naturally, people immediately say that they weren’t made aware of it, however as the buyer it is ultimately down to you to ensure that you have conducted the necessary investigations before committing to buying a home.

What are the key things you should consider when undertaking a property viewing to ensure you are not being sold short?

Look Two, Three, Four Times

Not only should you view a property on multiple occasions, you should also try to do so at various times. You might look forward to moving into this idyllic, peaceful street when you view it in the middle of the afternoon, but what is it like later in the evening when everyone is back from work? Does it remain peaceful or is there a glorified street party held every night?


Your single biggest concern when moving into a home will be any capital that you have to invest immediately on repairs. If you have any concerns over the house, from the flooring to walls and even whether or not the doors open smoothly, raise them with the agent and the seller.

They may fall on deaf ears, or they could see the property reduced in price in lieu of the money you will need to spend later. Always raise your concerns about anything that seems amiss.

Is it Right?

When buying a property, no matter how great it may seem you need to know whether it is the right one for you. Many people think a house is just as basic as saying “it’s a three bedroom, excellent, thank you.” In reality, you need to consider the layout of the house, and silly things such as where is the bathroom if you need to go in the middle of the night – especially if you have children.

Do You Feel at Home?

If you cannot see yourself living there within a few minutes of being in the property, then it may not be the one for you. A home may well have everything you need, but if it doesn’t feel right then you might consider walking away. Gut instinct can play a huge part in buying a home.

Property Surveys

Before committing to buying any property, have a property survey carried out on the building. This may cost a little now but it could potentially save you a lot in paying for home repairs moving forward if a property is not suitable in any way.

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