How to Move House Efficiently

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If you are moving home, then moving efficiently will be very important and that requires planning!

1.)   Set a date

If you are going to move home, setting a date is the most important step you can make in starting your organization. Setting a date will psychologically prepare you for the move and will also give you a guideline for organizing any helpers, vans, cleaners and other details to get the job done properly.

2.)   Audit your items

A common organizational error that people make when they are moving home is underestimating the volume of items they need to move. Counting the large items in the form of beds, tables, chairs and washing machines is one thing, but you also have to count and measure the number of items you have in drawers, boxes, storage spaces, anything decorating your surfaces, hanging on walls and sitting on floors. Open and close every single area of your home to make sure you have taken note of the volume of items that you are transporting

3.)   Get dedicated boxes, tape, bubble wrap and bin bags

Yes, you can get large boxes to throw everything into, but getting dedicated boxes for kitchen equipment, appliances, breakables, clothes, books and stationary is much better as this will help you pack and also to unpack once the move is done.  Make sure your boxes are sturdy enough to carry the weight of what you are packing into them as well. When you are packing, make sure you label all of your boxes. Any items you use regularly or will use the next day should go in a suitcase in the same manner that you would do for going on holiday, so one you have moved, you can still access your daily essentials without going through every single box you have looking for a toothbrush.  You will also need a good strong tape to reinforce boxes, close down doors, bubble wrap for corners and bin bags for refuse. You may need to hire a skip if your refuse is of a large volume.

4.)   Hire vans

You will almost certainly need a large vehicle to transport your items on the day of the move. However tempted you are to tell yourself that you can make more than one journey on the day of the move: DON’T! Moving home is very tiring and once you get from destination A to destination B the last thing you want to do is repeat the journey and the work. However much space you think you need in the removal van: add some. Having extra space is better than having not enough space, so plan very carefully before you execute.

5.)   Start packing at least five days in advance

Once you have set your date, start packing very early on to make sure that any calculations you have done in the form of the storage and removal space you need is accurate.

6.)   Assign jobs

Assign jobs to different people so that everyone knows what their responsibility is on the day and assist in communication.

Ben writes about estate agency and currently works for livingroom.


Ben Inder

Ben writes about estate agency and currently works for livingroom.

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