How to Redecorate Your Home to Get a Better Price When Reselling

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Looking after your home and making changes and renovations is a great way to improve the space in which you spend most of your life and to exercise your creativity in a way that will have a lot of real-world impact.

However at the same time it is also important to make sure that you keep in mind what the changes you make are going to do for your chances of selling your property when the time comes. While you might be very attached to your home, you will at some point probably want to move and that means that you are going to have to sell it on. Whether you make a lot of money from this move, or not much, will depend largely on how you’ve decorated in the meantime (as well as how the area has changed and the economy, but there’s a lot less you can do about those aspects).

Built to Last

Firstly then you need to think about which improvements are going to have the best impact on your selling price when you move. Well these are of course going to be the renovations that increase the value fo your property several fold by making lasting improvements that will stand the test of time.

This then means that you should make changes to your property that represent investments rather than bandaids. If your porch carpet is starting to show its age and is looking horribly worn for instance, then don’t just get a new carpet which will look worn again in no time at all – instead invest in hardwood flooring or stone flooring which will outlast your time in the property and which will make your property more of a smart investment for buyers too.

Likewise if you are torn between laminate and hardwood kitchen countertops then just think about how long each will last. Yes, your laminate countertops will help you to save money now, but they will also probably look battered and worn by the time you come to sell your home and that can then COST you money. So think ahead and be willing to spend a little more upfront to earn more in the long run.


Likewise if you are thinking about renovating a room or even adding an entirely new one, but aren’t sure whether you go ahead, then again remember to think of this as an investment. Something like a hot tub or a balcony can make a big difference to the right buyer and help you make a lot more money again so let that help to influence your decision.

Out of Left Field Changes


Likewise though, if you are thinking of making any strange or unusual changes that won’t be to many people’s tastes, then you might want to reconsider this unless it can be easily reversed. Sure, having a gym in your back garden might be great for you if you’re a fanatical gymnast, but the majority of people prefer gardens. Of course if you are planning on living out the rest of your days in your current home then you might decide you’d rather personalize the home to a big degree – and then you can leave it for your children to deal with…

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