How to rent your property

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First impression is the last impression. This is a saying, and this applies to your house as well. The potential tenant will make a first impression of your house by seeing its pictures on the Internet. Maintain your property properly before photographing it. Ensure that all the electronic devices in the house are working properly. Remove uneeded stuff from the cupboards and shut the doors. Store or get rid of otiose furniture to increase spaciousness of the rooms. Switch on all the bulbs when showing your house to the tenants. Make a list of the special things about your house and its surroundings that you can take benefit from to “sell” prospective tenants when preparing your rental property description. The surroundings may include universities, hospitals, shopping malls and so on. Facilities and other features that attract most tenants to rent your property are included whitegoods such as cookers, washer/dryers etc so don’t forget to mention those!

How to choose tenants

Well, you have succeeded in attracting potential tenants and received some applications. What is the next step? Almost all property owners want those tenants who pay rent in a timely manner and keep their property in good condition. First of all, you should scan the prospective applicants’ credentials and credit history. While you can pay for credit checks, if you hire a letting agent they can do all the tenant screening for you and this is usually a great saving in time and money.

Do not select a tenant who is a defaulter. Some tenants do not pay rent on time and make you wait many months. Sometimes, you need to sue them to cover the rent and evacuate them from your house. Another important point is that absence of good credit is not a negative indicator. Reasons can be many like younger applicants who are new and never had a chance to make a good credit history. In case of any doubt, ask them to bring someone who could sign on the lease agreement along with him. That person can be his friend or a parent.

How to choose a rental price

There are a plethora of empty properties on the market today. Therefore, renting your house at an excellent price has become a hard nut to crack. By offering a reasonable price, you obtain the maximum amount of rent without even frightening away prospective tenants by quoting high rental prices. Investigate how much rent your competitors in your neighborhood are charging, and decide on a rental price based on location and condition of your property.

Keeping these guidelines in your mind, you can rent your property without too much difficulty. However, there is no harm in taking the services of a letting agent. They are well experienced in this task and can facilitate you in the best possible way.



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