How To Sell Your Home: Presentation Tips

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Getting the most for your home when the time comes to sell up is important. Carrying out a small amount of work on your property prior to putting it on the market can make all the difference when it comes to attracting prospective buyers and a satisfactory price tag. For a successful sale, you will need to make changes to your home which are both concrete and superficial. Here, we look at just a few.

Exterior changes

The viewers’ first impressions of your property are going to carry a lot of weight when they come to assess the character of your home. This means that the appearance of your home from the outside is of utmost importance.

Be sure to paint windows and doors to avoid giving off a look of neglect. Any garden space, be it out the front or back, needs to be well looked after. If you’re not the green fingered type, consider simply clearing the space to show off its potential. There is nothing worse than a garden which looks neglected and forlorn. Going for either end of the scale – landscaped and nurtured or stripped down and clear – is the way to get the most from your outside space.

Interior changes

The interior of a property is where prospective buyers will have the opportunity to imagine the property as their own and to get a feel for the character of the building. However keen you are on your own kooky furnishings, it is often best to decorate your home in neutral tones and to hide away any unusual belongings which characterise your own style. Buyers will want the property to appear lived in but will appreciate minimalism which can allow them to visualise the house differently.

Rather than hiding away any clutter or unusual items, it is best to place them into self storage spaces. This will enable you to create a spacious and welcoming environment into which you can welcome potential buyers and impress. If buyers are confronted with a mass of your own belongings, they could struggle to appreciate the space on offer to them and you could well lose out on a sale.

Just as important as clearing space is ensuring that the house looks well looked after. If you’re planning to spruce up the property with a little DIY, make sure that all projects are completed by the time you arrange viewings: there’s nothing worse for a buyer than walking into a work in progress. If you’re having any major work done, it is essential that you push back the time of the sale in order to show the property in its best light.

All rooms in your home require equal attention and there are certain jobs you should prioritise in each room:

Living room: ensure the layout allows people to walk through the room with ease. If potential buyers struggle to move around your home then they’ll unlikely to want to invest in it.

Dining room: lay the table to show this room to the best of its ability. Try and keep this simple and elegant and ensure your crockery is well cleaned before placing on the table.

Bathroom: make sure everything is cleaned to a high standard, focusing on bathroom units, mirrors tiles and floors. Put out fresh towels before a viewing to create a good impression.

Kitchen: make sure the sink is free from washing up and keep all cupboards clean and well organised.

Bedroom: make sure there are no dirty clothes on show and dress the bed.


Louisa Logan

Louisa Logan found that after putting some of her junk in a self storage unit and spucing up the interior of her flat, she generated a lot more offers from interested buyers and was able to sell her flat within 6 weeks.

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