How to Stage a Home for Sale – Tips From a Professional

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Staging your home is about selling an idea. You want to make it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Sell them cleanliness, organisation, and impeccable interior design. You’re not just selling your home; you’re selling all the benefits that go with buying your home. If someone chooses your home with the meticulous built in storage and clean interior, they will also receive these benefits. Their home will also look this clean and organised. People not only buy homes, they buy ideas.

Prospective home buyers want to feel as if they’re walking in a showroom, browsing through an impeccably prepared set up that will make them want to buy. They want to be sold visually.

Sell Someone Their Dream Home Not Yours

This is one of the most common mistakes home owners make when selling their home. Whether it’s your home accessories, personal mementos, clothes, make up, perfume collection in the bathroom – either store it or sell it. Take yourself away from the house

People don’t want to see your home they want to see their future dream home. Remove all pictures, frames, clothing, pet toys, baby toys, and any other items that are personal to you and your lifestyle.

Also, remove yourself physically from the house. If you’re there, they feel like a visitor. Make them feel like it’s already their home.

Sell Organisation

Your first instinct may be to hide everything you own in the wardrobes in order to “remove yourself” from the house. Big mistake. Storage space is a huge selling point for any home. Feature your closet space!

If you haven’t already done it, this is a perfect time for spring cleaning. Get rid of old clothes and shoes you no longer want or need. Have a car boot sale or donate to a charity shop.

If you are still living in your home, during the sales process, organise your clothes immaculately. Allow the home buyer to imagine their own clothes stored as beautifully as yours. Sell the idea of organisation through a clean wardrobe.

Sell Cleanliness

You don’t want to sell someone a dirty house. Give your home a deep clean or hire a professional cleaning service. They may notice details that you may no longer notice over time. Also, your interpretation of clean may not be the same as a potential buyers’s. Have a friend or neighbour walk through your house as if they were the buyer and ask for brutal honesty.

Prospective buyers pay attention to the tiniest of details, more so than they would even notice in their own residence. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments we make in our lives and that is a good enough reason for your buyer to be looking for a perfect home.

As the vendor, your job is to make your house their perfect home!


Aj Akram

Aj Akram has worked as an estate agent for 5 years in the cut-throat London property market. He knows how to sell your house quickly, and in this article shares the psychology behind staging your home for sale.

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