Increase Your Home’s Value Through Interior Design

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If you are considering changing residence and want to sell your home in the near future, it is wise to start thinking about increasing your home’s value for a higher selling price. Not only will this give you better monetary returns later, but you can enjoy the improvements while you live in the house, and might even have fun redecorating and refurbishing. And if, in the end, you decide not to sell the house after all, then you have an improved model in your hands.

Plan your moves

As in practically every endeavor, you have to plan your upgrades. For instance, you must know the actual value of your house as it is, so you can determine how to raise its value with improvements. First consideration is what will your probable market like to find in your house? It is not advisable to upgrade based on your likes, which might not coincide with those of your prospective buyers, so it wise to consult a realtor on this aspect. You can then decide your improvements based on their recommendations.

Depending on your neighborhood and the kind of house you have, its worth will not go beyond a certain value that is maximum for the area. Thus your best option would be to upgrade only up to the average for the neighborhood, or your house might not sell quickly.

Do it slow and less

Realtors advise to upgrade one area of the house at a time, the bathroom and kitchen first. Older houses usually have relatively smaller kitchen and bathrooms, so you might have to enlarge or redesign them to conform to current styles. Also, it may be prudent to upgrade with improvements on the less expensive side so the improvements will not exceed the rise in value of the house itself. While all-stainless steel ovens and such look great and will perform flawlessly, for instance, the additional cost will not bring the house’s value that much up.

The same is true with adding a swimming pool in the backyard; it will be a losing expense. Better to stick with replacing old and worn out faucets, downspouts, window sills, similar house parts, and cleaning up and de-cluttering your house’s interior.  A clean and welcoming house will do more wonder to the house’s value than a formal garden or a swimming pool ever would.

Make it homely

It is often said that the best house is that which looks lived-in, for then it is a home, not a hotel. So the best selling point for any house is when it enables the prospective new homeowner to imagine living there with comfort and in harmony. The house would be its own welcome.

In the meantime, enjoy living in your home and have fun redecorating it a few components at a time. The improvements will add quality to your living and would raise the houses value later. Think of it as simply having your cake and eating it, too. Property-wise, that is, and at least for a while.

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