Increasing Property Value With A Quick Garden Facelift

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Homeowners looking to sell their property will usually consider ways that they can increase its value before placing it on the market.  The key here is of course to ensure that any modifications made deliver a return on investment, by increasing the property value beyond the cost of making the changes.  However, one area that is often not given as much consideration as the building itself is the surrounding garden plot.  This is a serious mistake and numerous surveys in recent years suggest that an investment of just £500 can see a property’s value increase £7,000 to £12,000.  So what areas should you concentrate on when giving your home a quick facelift in preparation to placing it on the market?

 The garden lawn

A nice lush green lawn can go a long way painting your garden in a better light.  In the event that your lawn is looking worse for wear then you should consider relaying it to show off the garden to maximum effect.  If there are areas in the garden that are wasted then consider adding turf there as well.  A reasonably sized piece of lawn will often make the garden appear larger than it actually is.

If your lawn isn’t looking to bad, but is a little patchy in places, you can instead opt for some lawn dressing seed.  Simply apply it in the areas that need attention, stand on the seed to deposit it into the soil and keep it well watered.  After a week or two the patchy area should thicken it up nicely.  Adding a little feed to the rest of the lawn will help encourage a deeper green from the turf.

Pruning and tidying

If you don’t really enjoy your gardening then there is a good chance that you have allowed trees and bushes to get a little unruly and weeds to take over your flower beds.  Time to get the branch lopper and pruning scissors out and cut that greenery back.  Taking a little time to cut trees and bushes into a good shape will pay off and the uniformity achieved can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of the garden.

Nobody enjoys pulling weeds up, but this chore is a must.  Make sure that you get the root of every weed to prevent it from growing back.  Another great idea is to add some garden bark to your flower beds, once you have removed all of the weeds.  The fact that bark prevents sunlight from reaching the soil means that the majority of weeds will not grow back.  The garden bark itself looks more attractive then large areas of soil and serves to tidy up the flowers beds.  An added bonus is that bark contains many minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to greenery; allowing them to flourish and add some colour to your garden.

Painting and staining

There are numerous items and features in the garden that can become tatty over time, such as sheds, garages, fence panels, decking, tables, seats and benches.  Take a trip to the local DIY store and get yourself kitted out with some sanding paper, brushes, paints, stains and any other timber treatment that you are going to need.  It is important here to take your time to remove old stain and paint that may be peeling by rubbing timber down.  A new coat can soon have tired looking buildings and garden furniture items looking fresh and bright.

Cleaning stonework

Our final piece of advice is to give any stone work in your garden a good clean with a pressure washer.  If you have never carried out this task before then you are likely to be amazed at how different your patio and pathways will look once you have given them a blast and removed the dirt build-up.  Be sure to read the manufacturer’ instructions before you use the pressure washer, as too high a setting or holding the nozzle too close to certain surfaces may cause damage.

Once you have cleaned up the stonework you should point up any joints that need attention between slabs or bricks to give a freshly laid look.  If you have a tarmac driveway then consider coating it with a specialist tarmac paint, which can rejuvenate the surface to its former glory.

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