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Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned the same home for years, making sure that you have a high level of security is extremely important. There are a high number of burglaries every year, and not all of them are high-level jobs, some of them are the result of a home being careless by leaving windows and doors open or unlocked, others by having poor security measures in place. Here are a few ideas on what to check over and/or install for your home:

Windows, Doors and Locks

The first priority for every homeowner is to check the house over and ensure that any entrance point into the premises is safe and secure. This means windows, doors, patio doors, garage doors and conservatories. Any weak point will be exposed by intruders or bad weather, so it’s crucial to keep on top of things. You should also make a point of checking all locks to ensure that they are in good working order and will keep unwanted house guests at bay. One of the best ways to add extra security to your home is to make sure you have double glazing throughout. Spending a little extra on your home will pay dividends in the long run. For added security, you can also consider adding security shutters to windows and doors, for added strength and insulation.

The Garage

The garage is a very common entrance point for thieves. This is often because it is a prominent part of the front of the house that faces you as soon as you step near a home. For this reason alone, your garage door should be of the highest quality in order to deter any criminal from trying to gain access through it. A roller garage door is a very viable option. Made from steel and extremely versatile, these garage doors roll up and out of sight easily, giving you extra space in front of your garage and inside. It also leaves little room for heat to escape. It could save you money on your bills as well as keeping burglars out of your home.

Clear Your Garden

Leaving nothing to chance, it is always a good idea to keep ladders and other equipment either inside a garage or a shed. If you have a tree or any large hedgerows, it is also a good idea to keep them cut back and organised so that they can’t be used as a way of getting into your property. Maintaining your garden and keeping tools locked safely away should mean that there shouldn’t be a problem.



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