It Don’t Mean a Thing without a Ring: Think Twice about Moving in Together before Marriage

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They say that breaking up is hard to do. When you live with your significant other, breaking up is almost impossible. Your entire lives are intertwined. Your finances, your home, even your diet is reliant on your partner in one way or another. That’s why, some experts say, a couple moving in together before they are married will eventually lead to their divorce. How could living with your boyfriend or girlfriend lead to a divorce down the road?

The thinking behind this theory is that somewhere over the course of the couple’s relationship, after they move in together but before they get married, one or both members of the couple want to end the relationship. While they are unhappy in the relationship, it would be too difficult for them to move out, buy new furniture, find new roommates, etc. Rather than separate, they take the next logical step after moving in together, which is to get married and hope that the situation improves. It doesn’t, and the couple is soon divorced.

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