Learning To Love your New (old) Home

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There seems to have been a time when generations of the same family lived happily in the same home as it was passed down through the centuries. Of course now, with the flow of the workforce and better transport facilities, more and more people move home all the time.

For some though, even if they change jobs, that are keen to stay in the environment that they know and love, especially if they have children. But this does not necessarily mean that everything has to remain the same. Just because we haven’t moved location, doesn’t mean that we have to keep our homes the same as they have always been.

A great way of rejuvenating your home is to think of it as if you were re-locating. What would you want your new home to look like? There is a good chance that you would like some of the features to stay the same but it’s equally sure that there would be a lot of changes that you would want to make.

So, take a look at your home and imagine it to be a blank canvas. What would be the first thing that you would do? For most of us, it would probably mean a big clear out, throwing out old furniture that you have kept simply because it was part of your home. Paintings and prints too are a good way of refreshing the décor of a home, so unless you are especially attached to a print or you are lucky enough to have an original Picasso, then out they should go. Of course, all of this waste has to go somewhere and the easiest way to dispose of it is to hire a large skip and let the waste disposal company take care if it; you should be concentrating on your ‘new’ home and not the old relics.

Once you home has been de-cluttered, it is a lot easier to see and envisage changes that need to be made, whether that be new wallpaper or perhaps just a change of paint colours. Where you had several pictures on the wall, maybe that was overkill and one picture would a give a cleaner look.

The home clearance will also give you an opportunity to look at new storage solutions to stop your home from becoming cluttered once again. There may well be more room in the loft than there used to be for the treasures that you probably wanted to throw out but have been in the family for many years.

Of course, the style of your ‘new’ home will be an individual choice and only you can decide how you want it to look, but creating all the extra space is a great place to start and will give you an almost blank canvass to work from.


Ken Poggle

Ken Poggle recently put a bid on a new home, intending to move away, but circumstances meant that this was no longer possible. A friend suggested the above method and his home now looks like a new place altogether.

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