Letting Agents: Who Needs Them?

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With the economy the way that it is more and more people are finding it harder to raise the deposit required to buy a home and are therefore turning to the rental market as an alternative option.  You would expect that to put a lot of pressure on the rental market as the number of people looking far exceeds the number of houses available.  However this isn’t the case as you would be very surprised with the amount of houses actual available within the rental market – it is in fact higher than most people imagine.

So when looking to enter the letting market you will be well advised to do thorough homework on the various letting agents within your area.  Compare the types of services being offered and the various fees that they are charging to see if any are actually overcharging or whether they are pretty much consistent across the board.  Always make sure that you look at the reputable letting agents or ones that have been recommended by friend or families or by other people that have used the agents and can recommend the services they have offered.

The better letting agents will offer different levels of service which will suit your budget and the type of let you want to take out whether it be for them to offer the full property management service or for them to simply find you a tenant and you do the rest (this would obviously be the cheapest option!)

There are many advantages of going with a reputable letting agent as they will get your property out there and noticed very quickly buy advertising in the local press, on the major letting and rental websites and by contacting suitable tenants looking for properties like yours on their own database (this is priceless in itself).

Add to that the fact that all background and financial checks on the tenant will be taken care of by the agent as well as the arrangement in full of timely rent payments and I’m sure you would agree that it is a lot safer to go via a letting agent than to deal with things by yourself.  Especially as they also ensure that all the relevant paperwork is in place and above board for both the tenant and landlord concerned.

The choice is yours but surely it has to be safer to pay out a little right at the start rather than a lot more if anything happens further down the road.

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