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There are litterally hundreds of Estate and Letting Agents based in London who are ready and willing to assist you in selling or letting your house. This large selection of  Agents is great for its breadth of choice, but it can make selecting the one with whom you wish to do business from the large selection of agents a daunting task. So how do you know which London agent to choose?

Do not allow yourself to be persuaded into accepting the services of an agent based on marketing ploys such as very low fees or exaggerated claims of what they can achieve for you. These will not in any way affect how well they work for you or how quickly and efficiently they sell your house. Instead of being tempted by these offers, make sure you have done your research thoroughly beforehand. These days it is possible to select agents by phone and with the use of internet by checking reviews on how your chosen

Ideally you want to find an estate agent who sells and lets properties which are similar to your own, both in terms of size and features and also those situated in the same area. This ensures that they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to market your own property.

Once you have chosen an agent who seems suitable, arrange to meet them in their offices to see them at work. Do you think you would be happy to allow them to manage and market your property on your behalf? Talk to them to get a better idea of what the business is like. They should be willing to discuss the state of the local property market frankly and should display a good and up to date knowledge of the prices at which properties in the area are being sold.

This is a good time to assess whether you think you would be able to maintain a good relationship with the agent. They should seem keen to work with you, and willing to listen to you and address any concerns you may have.

Do not forget to ask the agent about the services they provide. They should be prepared to advertise your property in various media as well as displaying the information in their windows. You should be offered a free property market appraisal evaluation and free marketing as well as a guarantee that they will show all prospective buyers around the house themselves. These should be part of their standard service, not optional extras.

Check that the agent is reputable by finding out whether they are a member of the Ombudsman scheme and, if they are a letting agent, they should be a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

There is a huge variety of agents from which to choose, but following the steps described above will allow you to be fully prepared when approaching a potential agent. Choose an agent who has the appropriate expertise and a good reputation, who you believe will sell or let your property in the timeframe you require and at the price you wish.

Always remember they need you more than you need them


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