Looking For The Cheapest Gas Supplier? Start By Comparing Gas Tariffs

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Gas comparison websites compare a wide range of tariffs from large and small gas companies across the UK. According to estimates, over 20 million households pay more than the average cost of gas and electricity.

As fuel prices continue to increase, there’s no better time to take stock of your usage and search for the best deal. Today, the simplest and most effective way to save on energy is to switch to a cheap gas supplier and opt for dual fuel tariffs. You’ll also find a number of other tariffs in your search for cheaper gas. These include fixed, standard, green, capped, and online tariffs.

But what do these various tariffs mean, and what do they have to offer? How do you know which one is right for you? These are all valid questions you should get the answers to before you change your supplier. A thorough understanding of these individual offers will increase your potential to save.

Standard Tariffs

Standard tariffs have a set price and are best for consumers who want a supply without the extras. Extras like online billing and dual fuel are generally not included with standard accounts, so customers on this plan rarely get discounts. The upside to standard pricing is that there are no penalties for cancelling the account if you find a better deal.

Capped Or Fixed Price Tariffs

Consumers choose fixed price tariffs when they need their gas prices to stay the same for a specific period. This option is best for people on a fixed budget – these are people who might have difficulties paying the bill if the price of gas increases. Experts are divided on the feasibility of fixed plans since some of them believe that fixed price tariffs cost consumers more. Herein lies the disadvantage of fixed tariffs: when gas prices go down, these consumers are stuck paying premium rates. But consumers are willing to pay the premium rates on these plans if it means that they’ll be protected when gas prices go up.

Variable Rate Tariffs

A popular choice among householders, uncapped or variable rate tariffs offer lower rates for a limited period. When the wholesale price of gas goes up, consumers on these plans will see their rates increase. Variable rate tariffs are convenient for a time, but it will leave you vulnerable to the whims of the market.

Online Tariffs

Over 3 million households use online tariffs to get a discount on their energy bills. With this plan, bills are delivered via email and the meter readings are outlined in an online account. As long you have regular access to the internet, you can sign up for this tariff to keep tabs on your account online. Since gas companies save money on the cost of printing and postage, the savings are passed on to consumers who opt in. Online tariffs are also great for the environment since it is almost entirely paperless.

Green Energy Tariffs

Green energy tariffs are targeted to consumers who are concerned about carbon emissions. It also encourages efficient use of energy in a number of ways. While some suppliers are dedicated green energy providers, others offer a combination of traditional and green energy. Some green companies offer customers incentives for supplementing their energy usage with energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

Look for government grants that help with the costs of insulating your home. Packages that offer discounts for usage during specific times also help to lower costs.

If possible, get your gas and electricity from the same supplier to qualify for dual fuel discounts. This is more than just a money saving option for some consumers. It offers the convenience of managing both services under one account.

Use comparison sites to keep on top of the latest deals. Gas prices will remain unpredictable in the near future, but with the help of these sites you’ll be able to find the cheapest gas supplier and ensure that you’re not paying too much for energy.

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