Moving can be a stressful time. Here are some handy tips to moving your precious items

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Moving can be a very stressful time.  If you follow these top tips you will have a more stress free time of it.

  • Have all beds, furniture etc ready dismantled to save time
  • Get all of your boxes packaged up and ready to go.
  • Remember to put all bolts and screws and fittings for any furniture in a plastic bag and attach this to the piece of furniture or place somewhere safe with a label on it.  This will make it so much easier to find everything once you are in your new home.
  • Label each box clearly and mark them if they are fragile.  This will let you know which room they belong in.
  • Protect your furniture with protective plastic to cover upholstered items to prevent from any damage or stains in the move.
  • Nobody wants to put their fingers in grease so make sure all cookers and appliances are cleaned from top to bottom. This will prevent anyone from getting any nasty surprises when they move the items.
  • Protect glass doors by wrapping them in bubble wrap or heavy cardboard.
  • Remember to remove both the bulbs and shades from lamps. When wrapping them DO NOT wrap the shades in newspaper as this will smudge them.
  • Lawnmowers and garden equipment with fuel inside them must be drained out prior to your removal as it will be extremely dangerous to have leakages of petrol.
  • Appliances in your kitchen should be disconnected prior to your moving day. Arrangements need to be sorted out for when you get to your new property to have them re connected too.
  • Drawers should be cleared of all items and packaged in the correct manner.
  • Take down all shelves, light fixtures etc if you are taking these with you to your new home.
  • Put the largest and heaviest items into your boxes first before lighter items.  Heavy items should be packed into smaller boxes.
  • Pictures can be individually wrapped in bubble wrap this can apply to mirrors too which will protect them. Also using heavy cardboard to keep them sturdy and wrap it up with tape all the way around.
  • All items should be packaged up in boxes that are the appropriate size for the item or items.
  • Pack dishes on their sides.  Glassware and dishes can be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them.
  • Fridges should be defrosted before the move as they will be turned off and need to be emptied and cleaned in plenty of time.
  • Wrap up knives and other sharp tools so there will be no chance of injury.
  • Make sure there is some kind of parking space for your removal van at your new property.

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