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Coming from Wales, many of the friends that I met in university expect me to ride horses or motorbikes at the weekend and to enjoy walking up mountains. This could not be further from the truth and that is why I decided to move back to Manchester when I finished my studies. People have asked me if it is the football, the attractive architecture or the excellent selection of places to eat that have taken me back there, to which I reply it is simply the nightlife. I know it is a bit of a cliché, but not all students have a timetable that includes a healthy social life although I certainly did. This is why I was hunting for houses for sale in the city of Manchester.

My Manchester Experience

When I studied in Manchester, I came to love the Northern Quarter because of the style of the area and the people who frequented the cafes and bars. The area has numerous people who are involved in the fashion industry and with me being a graphic designer; there are plenty of job opportunities in the locality. I had always envisioned myself living in a trendy, socialite-strewn location rubbing shoulders with models and rock stars. Okay so I may be a little bit hopeful on the models and rock stars aspect, but there is no mistaking the trendy aspect of the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Flat or House – A Question of Price

I have always lived in a house in Wales, but the prices there are a great deal lower than in the centre of Manchester. After spending a year in the University halls, I was more than happy to make the move to a one bedroom flat if it meant being able to walk to work. Luckily, a lot of my work is freelance so I rarely need to go anywhere, but I do have a few clients in the area thanks to the connections I made while at university. My budget was £160,000 and with this, I decided to try to secure a flat with two bedrooms. I knew this would be a struggle, but I also knew that there were some decent properties around for that price because I had seen plenty in this price bracket when I was at university. I had a 10% deposit thanks to the bank of Mum and Dad and with no chain, I was confident.

Compromising on Size for Quality

Unfortunately, I was not going to be able to find much yardage for my pound, but there were many properties of a high standard. I was confident of making a healthy profit when the market picked back up and this is why I decided to look for something that I thought was under-priced for the area. This was obviously not an easy thing to accomplish otherwise there would be property tycoons everywhere. After around three months of searching, I managed to narrow my choices down to either a one bedroom flat in Tariff Street that had acres of space and excellent views, or Newton Street where I would have my two bedrooms as well as a concierge service and parking.

Lifestyle Comes First

Despite the space and surroundings of the Tariff Street flat, I really needed somewhere that could accommodate friends when they came to visit. This meant I had to go for Newton Street and this turned out to be an excellent choice. I can literally walk home from the trendy spots in the area within five minutes and I have never looked back.

Although there are good properties available, I would advise anyone thinking of looking for houses for sale in the Northern Quarter of Manchester to consider viewing flats.


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