Moving home can be a stressful experience

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For those of us with experience of having done it before, moving home is an extremely stressful event. Why this should be is not immediately evident. After all surely all we’re trying to do is to move a bunch of possessions from one address to another.

But like most things, underneath the experience lies an emotional state that has been building stress like a pressure cooker. Moving home is not a single event, it’s a series of frustrating and often legal processes that have taken maybe upwards of a year to unfold. Just when you’ve taken the commitment to make the biggest purchase of your life, complete with the biggest loan of your life, you’re suddenly faced with a time schedule that feels totally outrageous.

The very solicitors who were so lethargic when it came to property surveys, council planning searches, returning your anxious calls for the past months, suddenly expect you to vacate your house by a certain time on a certain day (or face a hefty fine) and pick up the keys to your new house, all whilst anxiously waiting for news from both sets of solicitors that the sale has actually gone through. So if you are one of those people that get stressed by this, I think you can consider yourself as being totally normal.

Take a deep breath and start planning, because the secret to making the move as uneventful as possible is to meticulously plan and organise the day. Here are just some of the things you will need to consider. You need to cancel all your utilities, getting readings of the electricity, water and gas meters. You need to cancel your telephone and broadband, redirect your mail through your local post office. Take the day off work, get friends to look after any pets and if possible, get family to take charge of any young children.

Your underlying emotional state is likely to be coloured by the reason for the move. Going to a bigger house in a better location is likely to make the change more like excitement. If the move is for other reasons then it can be more stressful, but whatever the reason, it’s without question a life changing event. Some of the items of furniture are large and heavy, you’ll probably need to enlist help to move them. It makes sense, on this rarest of occasions, to hire a professional removal company to deal with the heavy lifting, logistics and planning of the furniture and contents and immediately the task will feel a lot easier.

Keith Barrett writes on a range of real estate subjects, from removals Greenwich specialists, to the dangers of choosing the wrong home. He believes that many of us make mistakes when relocating.

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