Moving house during the bank holiday

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Contracts exchanged, moving dates have been confirmed, how what do I do next?

With the excitement and madness that surrounds the idea of moving home, once you have decided to do so and found that perfect new home there are a suddenly a hundred and one things that need doing.   What do you do first? OK, now breathe! It is going to be a busy few weeks but with good planning it can be enjoyable and stress free.

You managed to get the date set for the bank holiday weekend which is great as it gives you a long weekend to move and settle in to your new place.  You are having a long weekend, have you considered that other people/businesses may also have plans which could affect yours?  If you were planning on asking friends and families to help you pack, clean or look after the children, you should ask as soon as possible before they make any other plans.

Bank Holidays (particular the August bank holiday) is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year to move, taking this into account hiring vans or a removal company maybe a struggle as they will be very busy.  As soon as you know you’re moving date, contact your removal company or local van hire company and reserve your slot.

Other considerations dependant on how far you are moving is the roads are normally busiest around the bank holidays with people making the most of the long weekend. Will there be parking available at your new home, is you are near a tourist attraction or town then parking maybe more difficult than on a normal weekend.  Some towns also celebrate the long weekend with parades and carnivals, its best to check that there are no road closures in your area on the planned moving day.

A long weekend for you also means a long weekend for your children, for younger children it may be best to have plan for how they are going to be kept entertained during the few chaotic days of the move. The ideal solution maybe to ask a family or friend to look after the child(ren), which will hopefully stop any stress for both of you.

Once you have the logistics of your move organised, it’s time to plan how you are going to pack up your home and garden. Start collecting boxes and packing material, you will always need more than you think.


Bill Weston

regularly writes articles on moving home tips.

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