Moving House: What Else is Moving with You?

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Recently faced with the daunting prospect of moving house, I was forced to review my current collection of tat. Being a chronic hoarder, I have a really healthy collection of magazines, trinkets, found objects and in a nutshell, things that are cool! But after the initial attainment of any item, I don’t spend a large amount of time enjoying or paying reverence to my collection. It largely gets ignored as it gathers dust on the shelves and makes the place resemble Aladdin’s cave. So it’s time to be ruthless in my tat-culling. What will make it to my next level of my residential transition?

  • My Wizard-with-a-crystal-ball ornament. I bought this item 12 years ago, the first time I went to Affleck’s Palace in Manchester. The place was different (better!) then. It was more bohemian, thrifty and eclectic. I was also listening to a lot of psychedelic music at the time. Anyone familiar Gong, early Pink Floyd and King Crimson will know that their lyrical content largely consists of Pixies wizards and gnomes. So the ornamental wizard reminds me of this musical pre-occupation I had!
  • My dancing giraffe. It is downright silly! And I do appreciate the sillier things in life so this makes it to the next level!
  • My plastic ‘No. 1 Teaching Assistant!’ trophy acquired from my time as a Teaching Assistant. I was delivering one-to-one support to a 10 year old child for 6 months and when I was made redundant, the pupils mum bought me the trophy and chocolates. I was very moved and it made me feel like I did a good job for the time I was there.
  • A framed photograph of a cat that my mum and I had when I was 7 years of age. She was a very docile-mannered tortoise-shell cat and a beautiful feline friend. Her tortoise-shell markings retrospectively remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting!

If you are facing the same upheaval, try to take things with sentimental value; things which remind you of a significant event or a happy time in your life. The rest is just filler that gets in the way. So I will have to discard many items I have. Like that postcard of a VW Beetle totally covered in grass that is elegantly curled up at the edges or the strange fragments of pebbles I found in Cullen Bay (They are the only ones like them in the world). Hmmm.

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