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Moving house can be a pain. One of the homes may be smaller or larger than the other, necessitating some downsizing or shopping. The new homes might be too far away to make several small trips and require the use of a moving vehicle. No matter the difficulties a move presents, it is possible to make it a lot easier with just a little organization and timing.

The first thing to do is to get a feel for the upcoming move. Make a list of the things needed such as boxes, tape, packing materials for fragile objects, trash bags markers, a truck and maybe even a storage unit for excess items. Really brainstorm and make sure everything that is needed is on that list. Then, if a truck or storage unit is needed, make a list of things that will be going in said truck or storage unit. As the packing is done, separate boxes according to what is going where so trips to storage and the packing of a moving truck can go smoothly.

Before starting with the packing, tidy the house. There will be a lot of clutter even without the everyday stuff lying around, so get trash barrels emptied, countertops cleared off and laundry done. Next, get a large barrel and put a trash bag in it. Decide which room is the least used and be sure to remove items from it that will be needed up until moving day. Pack everything else in that room up to a few weeks before the move and toss whatever is not going to survive the move into the trash. Label the boxes by room. Also note any important things that may need finding quickly on the outside of the box in marker.

Gradually choose another room and then another, organizing, labeling and carefully packing as it gets closer to moving day. Always be sure to leave out items that will be needed as the big day gets closer. Leave enough boxes in each room for remaining items that cannot be packed until the last minute. Label them before packing to save even more time on moving day. Roughly two days before the move, bring everything packed that will fit into the room nearest the door. This will allow for quick offloading.

If possible, pack boxes into any moving vehicles first and leave the furniture near the back so it is offloaded first. Bring furniture into the new home and put it where it needs to go before bringing all of the boxes out. Otherwise, boxes will be in the way and can make moving the furniture a big headache. Having the furniture out first also ensures that there is somewhere to put things while the boxes are unpacked.

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