Moving With Kids Hints and Tips

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Today’s families are possibly the most mobile in the history of civilization. Moving with children can be problematic. It’s important for parents to assess their children’s “comfort zone” attitudes carefully before relocating. Children who feel most secure with familiarity may need a little nudge to help them adjust to leaving their comfort zone. Age is also a factor in how well kids adapt to relocating.

Moving Tips
. Consider your children’s feelings carefully
. Discuss the imminent move well in advance
. Provide assurance children need that their home is where family is, not where a house is located
. Allow children to be involved with as many of the actual aspects of the move as possible

Consider Children’s Feelings Carefully
Moving may be one of the most traumatic events in people’s lives. This is just as true for children. Even an infant senses different surroundings after a move and may become fretful and sleep or eat less. Toddlers may balk initially, but this age group’s anxieties are usually short-lived. The most difficult age groups who suffer relocation anxieties are school age children from as young as five years old to teens in high school. Be aware of their separation anxieties from their friends and the security they receive from familiar surroundings.

Discuss The Imminent Move Well In Advance
Parents have unique preparatory skills and experience that can resolve some relocation problems if they have properly planned in advance. Help children adjust by having regular discussions about the possibility of moving. These discussions allow parents to assess how their children will react. In these discussions, give children certain duties that will help expedite the relocation and assuage their feelings of loss and separation.

Provide Assurances To Your Children
Parents who actively involve children in relocation need to assure and reinforce the idea that home is where family is and not just where a house is located. For younger children this can be done by having them point out the differences in the house they presently live in and the house they will live in after relocation. These types of comparisons help a child look forward to their new home and help them overcome feelings of alienation. Where ever possible children should be familiarized with details of their new backyard, their new bedroom and all of the possibilities this implies.

Allow Kids To Be Involved
Make relocation a family adventure and allow children to be involved with as many of the actual aspects of the move as possible. Give each child a specific job related to moving. Don’t forget to ask them for “moving tips” regarding their personal belongings. This may be toys, books or special items of personal value they wish to pack themselves or to take along on the trip to their new home. Then, give them sufficient packing boxes and other moving supplies as the date of the move draws nearer. This is also a good opportunity to teach children the proper methods of packing and the differences in methods of packing fragile and perishable items. Make a game of teaching them to be expert “moving crews.” Children discover the details involved in moving.

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