Moving with Pets: How to Keep Your Furry Companions

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Does this scenario sound familiar to you? There is a young couple that falls madly, deeply in love with one another. After months or years of dating the couple decides that it is time for them to make a real commitment by moving in together. Not only will they now get to spend every moment together, they will also be able to save money on rent and get rid of those roommates that they never want to see again. There is only one problem. She has a cat and he has a cat allergy.

Every year young ladies around the world have to choose between their boyfriends and their beloved kitties. Sometimes, somehow, someway the boyfriend wins and the cat has to go. Everyday cats are given away, left in shelters or sometimes left out in the wild to fend for themselves because their owners are unable to take them into their new homes. Don’t let this happen to you!


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