New House to New Home: Turning that Buy into Your Dream Home

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Everyone wants to get onto that housing ladder.  Be it with a simple terrace tucked away in a corner to a luxurious detached house in the leafy suburbs, there are houses on the market for everyone.  With these austere times, a lot of people are even selling up cheap, just so they can clear their debt.  So if you’re one of the lucky ones to have actually got a foot onto that first rung, then you’re going to be looking to making that newly bought property into your very own.  You have no excuses not to turn every room into an expression of your own personal style, so get on it.

1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed, More

With smaller homes, you will not have a huge choice but it’s important to decide how you want to use every space in the building.  If you have 2 rooms upstairs, do you need 2 bedrooms or can you get away with one?  If the latter, then that spare room could be turned into any number of spaces, from offices and studies to music and art rooms.  If you make your mind up at the beginning, then you’re going to have less work to do at the end, so be clear in your choices.

If you’ve been left with rooms that you don’t really like, too many doors or rooms that are too large, then why not try changing the plan of your new home.  Decide what you want, exactly, and go for it: knock through the kitchen and dining room to make one big open space, complete with American kitchen; or break up the master bedroom into both a bedroom and an office.  Making the best use of your space is important, so make sure you get it right first time around.

Changing it Around Later

One of the things you can do at a later stage is expand.  If you have 3 rooms that could be 3 bedrooms, yet only see a need for 2, then turn the 3rd into a spare room of your own design.  Then, if you come to want a 3rd bedroom, you can always head down the extension path.  A lot of British houses have been extended over the years as homeowners try to utilise the space they have.  The most common of these is the loft extension.  Not only does a loft room add extra living space into your home but the feeling of being at the top of the house, with the views across the rooftops, can often lead to a more creative atmosphere.  These rooms can be turned into a bedroom, but perhaps the best bet is as a more creative space: an art gallery or workshop or a music room, perhaps.  As you’ll be insulating afresh, you can put sound-proofing into the room without too much effort, making it the perfect place for that out of the way studio.

Survey Your Property

One of the most important things you have to do comes a long time before this, however.  When you buy a new property, it is essential that you get the property surveyed.  Is the electrical wiring up to scratch and do the pipes leak at all?  Is there any damp in the house or even cracks?  While a lot of this can be fixed, leaving it until after you’ve turned your house into your home can leave you with an almighty mess to clear up.  No, it’s a much better idea to take care of all these little – or large – jobs before you start redecorating.  Sometimes you may even find some hidden treasures like a basement room that could be put to good use.

When it comes to your home, you want everything to be perfect.  Damp proofing London homes, with often crowded streets, can be a pain, so get the professionals in to do so and make sure that house becomes your dream home.


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