Nifty Ways to Style and Personalize a Rented Abode

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If you are a city dweller, chances are, you live in a small rental. And while you want to make your apartment all your own by doing some major remodelling to improve its looks, this plan can prove to be quite a problem since there are numerous things you need to take into account. There is the issue with the landlord, regulations that you need to follow and you even need to think of how long you intend to stay in your rented abode. Likewise, there is also a strong chance that you do not want to put too much money into decorating, especially if you know that you will not be staying for long.

Of course, these considerations may put a limit in your desire to beautify your space. But, that does not mean that you cannot inject your own personality to your apartment. Sometimes the smallest changes and even the cheapest ones can make a huge difference in the appearance of your rental. So to get you started with your rental decorating project, here are some suggestions that will definitely bring style to your rented abode for little or no cost at all.

Hide floor flaws with area rugs

Since changing up the floors can be expensive, most landlords do not invest money on fixing their rentals’ flooring for a new tenant. As such, you probably have a space that has a flooring that does not appeal to you – either it is dated or it has marks or stains. If you have the money and if your landlord will agree, then changing up the floors of your apartment will not pose much of a problem. However, if you are working on a tight budget and a major floor renovation is not permitted, then the best option you have to hide the flaws in your apartment floors is to lay beautiful rugs. Of course the rugs will serve other purposes other than hiding floor flaws. They can also lend a warmth underfoot and at the same time help tie the overall scheme of the space.

Go for temporary wall options

Repainting walls is not an option for some rentals. So if you happen to be living in one, you can still breathe new life to the walls of your apartment using temporary treatments. Wall decals come in a wide variety of styles at different price points and can be easily applied on and removed from walls. You can even reposition them and change to a new set when the mood strikes, enabling you to lend a unique touch to your walls without leaving behind permanent marks. Tightly grouping your favorite framed pictures on a wall is also a great way to allow your apartment wall to make a statement.

Maximize light and create the illusion of a wider space with mirrors

If your apartment is compact and receives very little natural light, try investing on several mirrors. Hang them in areas within your space where they can diffuse natural light to other parts of your rental. Their reflective quality can also help make the illusion of a wider space and you can also have them framed so that they can double as decorative pieces.

Think fabric

Since bringing colours through your apartment walls may not be an option for you, then incorporate your favourite hues in your apartment through fabrics. Simply pick complementary colours that you like and pull them into slip covers, tablecloths, drapes and pillow covers. This is a great technique to bring cohesiveness to your décor.

Accessorise with pieces that you love

You will definitely agree that one of the most difficult parts of renting a space is making it feel like your own. So the best solution you can do to cosy it up and inject your personality into it is to display items that you love and reflect who you are. For instance, if you are a collector, then you can showcase your prized possessions by arranging them in hanging shelves.

Bring in the greens

Without changing up the colours on your apartment walls, you can eliminate the dreary feel in your rental by incorporating plants into your space. Plants are foolproof solutions that bring a sense of life to a rental. Strategically positioning potted plants around the apartment can help make the space feel more alive.



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