Night time Security for Homes

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Making your home secure is important. Not only will you help to deter burglars, but you will also give yourself peace of mind. Most burglars are opportunists who see a chance and take it. By taking some precautions you can deter them from targeting you.

It is a good idea to keep any valuables out of sight so that your home is not attractive to potential burglars. Don’t set up your computer station in a spot where it is on full view from the street, don’t leave your mobile on your window sill and don’t leave your car keys where they can be easily seen.

Always keep accessible windows shut overnight. If you do not have window locks, you should look to install them as doing so provides a cheap and straightforward way of increasing security. If you are particularly concerned about access via windows, you may want to consider installing window grilles.

Keep your door locked at night and don’t answer it if you are not expecting any callers. Whilst bogus officials are rare you should take sensible precautions and check out the ID of anyone you are expecting. A sign on your door advising that you do not enter into doorstep discussions or buy things from cold callers may help to deter opportunists.

Security lights
Installing security lights can help to deter burglars as they will prefer to target a property without them. It is a good idea to make sure that your security lights will not be disturbing your neighbours and shining at full beam into their bedroom in the middle of the night, however, as you would not be popular!

A good alarm system is another useful deterrent. Make sure that the alarm box is on full view so that it would be spotted by burglars. A bell-only alarm is the cheaper option; however, you will be reliant on someone phoning the police if it goes off. You can also pay an annual monitoring charge so that you or a named key-holder is contacted if it goes off.

You may also want to consider CCTV, particularly if you live in a remote or high-crime area. There are a number of different options available, including external, internal and remote CCTV. It is important to ensure you comply with privacy laws if you choose to install cameras.

Many of the ways to improve your night security are relatively cheap, but they still act as a reliable deterrent to thieves. You can, therefore, feel safer whatever your budget.



Daley Francis

Daley works Advance Security and has a keen interest in helping homes and businesses improve the security of their premises.

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