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Young 20-somethings are always on the prowl for that perfect city apartment or flat so they can live in style whilst keeping close to work and their blossoming careers, but where are the best locations for such places?

The major cities across the UK tend to be the best, but there is the odd surprise where you don’t expect it. Obviously getting that perfect place depends heavily on your personal tastes and demands, but with most UK cities offering modern environments for people who like to play as hard they work, you can be spoilt for choice.
Leeds is one such city and one that is on the rise in terms of development and is one of the best for waterside properties.

Granary Wharf Leeds apartments is a great plot that incorporates various elements all into one place; making for a fantastic place to live, eat and drink, as well be entertained. There are a whole host of restaurants on offer, along with various bars to visit after that last 9-5 on a Friday. The restaurants range from Japanese cuisine to the finest in traditional food thanks to places such as Wasabi Teppan-Yaki and The Hop.

In terms of apartments, Granary Wharf has some of the most top-spec examples, with options for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom property, the latter coming with its own roof terrace. All flats are available on a FirstBuy basis if required.

Manchester is similarly a great place to live and have a varied amount of flats and apartments on offer, with Islington Wharf one of the most popular locations. The plot is on another waterfront, this time on Ashton Canal in New East Manchester and is a short walk from characterful Northern Quarter.
Islington Wharf apartments are part of the area’s grand regeneration projects and have new schools, nursery’s and shops in the immediate vicinity. The flats themselves are similar to those at Granary Wharf and offer modern properties that benefit from private balconies and roof terraces; however there is the option for a four-bedroomed flat that has its own garden.
Moving down into the south and to the bustling world of London, England’s capital has plenty to offer in terms of property, but it can be hard to get both the right location, whilst not being affected by the noise and distractions of London’s busiest areas.
Southwark is a great place for young professionals working in The City thanks to it being close enough to all of the main locations of the capital, but away from the busy nature found in the more central areas.

Located on the south of the Thames and just down from Canary Wharf, Southwark has become somewhat of an urban area despite its vicinity to the city centre and offers many opportunities for house shares, but also private flats and houses at – for London – a decent price.
The area has also had some parts redeveloped and as is popular with city living, there are some great waterfront spots and there is even close amenities such as a large Tesco and a very helpful retail park, there’s even a library.

There are many locations across the UK that can offer a young professional a more than decent place to live and the above is just a small taste, but some of the best and again it all depends on what you personally want out of your apartment.


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