Planning A Successful House Move

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There is no doubt that moving home can be stressful. However, with the right planning you can remove the headache of a house removal.

Here we present some top tips to guide you through the ordeal:-

  • Most people ask when they should start to the moving process. Whilst this date is not set in stone it is usually advised to start planning at least four weeks before your moving date.
  • Take Stock – In the first two weeks you want to start taking an inventory of the items you have. This is a perfect time to start thinking exactly what you want to take and dispose of anything that will have no function in your new home. Not only will this stop you transporting clutter but could also affect the price you pay for your house removal.
  • Packaging Materials – Make sure you have all you have packaging materials that you will need. This will include tape, boxes, bubble wrap and paper, and a marker to label what is in the boxes. It is usually a good idea to label the boxes according to the room they belong in.
  • Time To Pack – Give yourself ample time to pack your items. Remember on average it takes 4-5 hours to pack a two bedroom house for two trained removal men and 8 hours for a three bedroom house. Consider that you may have some personal attachment to the goods you are packing and may stop to inspect or wander down memory lane at the items which hold sentimental value. This can all add to the time to pack.
  • Property Access – Consider any parking restrictions or access issues on the removal day. A removal van is going to be parked outside your premises for a considerable amount of time and will need to get close to your new home. Make sure any furniture will fit in doorways etc. of your new property.
  • Let People Know Your Change Of Address – Might seem obvious but can easily be missed when you are concentrating on other things. Make sure you contact all utilities, banks and local authorities of your move. Setting up a mail redirect service with your postal provider is also a good idea.
  • New Furniture – If you are buying furniture to furnish your new property make sure it is delivered to your new home. This again can save on the cost of the removal. If you do have to have it delivered to your old address then leave it flat packed. This can help in removing your items safely as dismantling furniture and then rebuilding it can damage your items.

Happy Moving!


Neil Mayock

Neil Mayock writes articles for Acorn removals

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