Professional Landlord – Problems?

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Professional Landlord – Problems?

Working as a professional landlord can be a very rewarding job; however, there can be times when it can be a very tough job. More often than not, the problem will be caused by the tenant. The key is to understand how to deal with a problem tenants in the most professional way possible. Below is a guide which will advise you on how you should act if you find yourself with an unwanted customer.

The Basics!

One of the key things to remember when dealing with a problem tenant is to look at minimizing the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

A good start would have been introducing preventative measures in the first place – but never mind! In an ideal world, you would have not chosen this tenant in the first place, so learn from your mistakes. Even though it is all a bit late for this now, you should bare this in mind next time!

How to select a Tenant

When selecting tenants, always be slightly cautious – remember you have no knowledge of this person and who they are so approaching them in the correct manner is essential. A good place to start is with a credit check; once you are satisfied with this you can then seek further information such as references from previous employers and landlords.

The tenants checks have come back Positive – What Now?

Once you are happy with the tenant’s checks and have offered the property you should still keep an eye on the place from time to time. Keeping regular checks on the property will ensure that you are checking that your tenants are taking good care of the property. If you do wish to check on your tenants then you must make sure that you give them the correct amount of notice before you enter the property. As a landlord you should never turn up and inspect a property without alerting the tenants first.

Deal with any complaints from your tenants Quickly!

Nothing will make a tenant more unhappy than a landlord that does not respond to issues. As a landlord, you should deal with the problem as soon as possible, even if you can’t deal with it immediately you should make the tenants aware you are dealing with the problem.

Makes some notes before a Tenant moves in.

Before a tenant moves in it is a good idea to keep an inventory of any items that are owned by the landlord. Taking a note of the quality of these items is a good idea to, taking photographs as visual evidence will help if any disputes over damage arise. This again can clean up any disputes that may crop up very quickly and will help maintain a good relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

You never know when you might need those notes!

Keeping a written record can also help, as a landlord it may well be worth writing down any issues that your property may be experiencing? If you have to replace any décor or contents in one of your properties you should choose hard wearing durable products that are not too expensive. This will save you money as they will last longer. Also if they get damaged it won’t cost you a fortune to repair.


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