Providing Security For Your New Home

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Once the euphoria of buying your new home as started to die down you will be faced with the responsibilities and never ending list of checks and changes that you will need to make to your new home. Almost all of these are directly related to the extremely important issue of security. There are a great number of burglaries every year, but they are plenty of things that individual homeowners can do to lower their risk of being victims of thieves. Here are a few tips to improving the security in your new home:

Does your new home have an alarm system already installed? If so, make sure you become very well acquainted with it to ensure that you know how to use it properly and that it is working to its full capabilities. If your home doesn’t have alarms installed, you should definitely consider having them installed, along with security lighting for the front and back of your property. Anything that will deter thieves and burglars is worth buying.


Take a full detour of your new home and check that you have a sufficient number of locks and they in full working order. You don’t want to not check them and find out later on that people could have had access to parts of your home. Also, make sure that if any locks are faulty, get them changed right away, don’t think that you’ll be OK to leave them for a while and put them on the backburner. Safety is paramount!


Security cameras can be very useful, and they depend on the area that you live in. A terraced house on a busy street may not have as much need for a camera, but a house with a large drive and garden in a rural area may find that having that extra bit of security helps them sleep a little better at night. It all depends on the individual.

Windows, Doors and Shutters

Checking that all of your windows and doors are safe and secure is very important. You may wish to have single-glazed windows and doors replaced in older properties, as they add security to your home and help keep the home warm. Another option is to add a security shutter to windows and/or the garage. A roller shutter saves a lot of room on the driveway and inside the garage, as it rolls straight up rather than having to be pulled out into a driveway or pushed inside the property. It is also designed to be impenetrable so that any thieves looking to gain access to your property via the garage will have zero chance.

Author Bio: Daley is a new home owner and loves giving helpful tips and advice about security for new homeowners. He works with Sgg Ltd.

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