Quick Cleaning Tips for Sparkling Homes

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There is no way around it; cleaning is a chore that takes up much of our precious time at home. Particularly if you have children or pets, no matter how much you clean, often your home still looks untidy or dirty the next day. However, there are cleaning tips that will make your vacuuming, wiping and dusting far less exasperating and most importantly, will make your cleaning routine more efficient. This article outlines a few cleaning tips and tricks that will greatly reduce the time you spend cleaning.

Cleaning Strategies

There are certain ways to tackle any task that will reduce the time spent on it, cleaning included. A quick cleaning tip is to always do the jobs that you most dislike first. That way once you have finished these tasks, the rest of your cleaning will seem a lot easier. If you have major jobs that need to be done, such as cleaning shelves, closets and kitchen cupboards, a cleaning tip is to designate these jobs for a single day over a period of a few weeks in a cleaning schedule. If you try and cram major cleaning jobs into a single day, chances are you won’t be as motivated or thorough with your work. Another great cleaning tip for the home is to set a time limit for each chore, as it is very easy to get stuck into a single job. A cleaning tip to keep motivated is to offer some kind of reward at then end, such as a pedicure or a trip to the sale at the DIY store. A final cleaning tip is to listen to music while you work; it will take your mind off the actual chore and make cleaning more fun.

Designate Family Chores

As a mother or father, you know how children like to leave their toys, school books and dirty dishes strewn all over the house. As a number one cleaning tip, it is important that you teach your children the value of keeping a house clean. Create rules and incentives for keeping their own rooms and shared living areas clean and tidy. Your job is not to pick after other people.

Clean Tough Areas Regularly

A top tip for cleaning bathroomsand kitchens, arguably the messiest areas in the home, is to clean them regularly. For example cleaning hardened soap scum is an arduous task, especially if left to accumulate over time. A quick cleaning tip is to wipe down the bath and shower with gentle home cleaning products after every use, which will greatly minimise overall cleaning time.


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