Reducing Household Energy Wastage

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There are tons of simple ways to reduce central heating bills in our home by making small changes that adhere to your lifestyle. For example id you know that by turning down the thermostat in your home by just 1˚c you could save up to £55 per year! In this handy guide you will see how to cut the cost of central heating in your home and save much more money than you thought possible!


Central heating systems use gas, oil or electricity to heat up cold water in the boiler; the pump then pushes the hot water around your home and through each radiator in turn. By the time the hot water has returned to the boiler, the water has cooled back down considerably and the boiler begins reheating. The process creates hot waste gasses such as steam and carbon monoxide which escape through a flue to the outside; condensing boilers use this gas to warm the returning cold water, cutting down the energy needed. If your boiler is over ten years old, replacing it is a very cost-effective thing to do. A modern aerated boiler converts around 91% of its energy into heat; compare that with an old boiler which converts only around 70% and it becomes clear which a better long term investment is.

If you are not in the position to replace your boiler there are other means of reducing the heat wastage and ultimately you’re heating bills in total.


Many of us have thermostatic radiator valves that allow use to control the heat of each room separately. If your radiators don’t have these you should really think about replacing them, because the choice to reduce the temperature in each room can reduce your energy usage and heating bills massively. For example, you wouldn’t need to heat a kitchen to the same temperature as a lounge and you certainly wouldn’t need to heat an empty room.

A great device when it comes to room temperature control is room thermostats and programmers; most homes will have a simple on/off timing system but what they lack is flexibility. If you set the temperature to a room and your room reaches the present temperature, your boiler will turn off, when it drops below it will kick in again; smart, efficient and certainly worth the investment.

Keeping the Heat in

Heat from your radiators can even be lost through the wall; one way to avoid this is to install a reflective foil. It’s very cheap and easy to do and you don’t even have to take the radiator off the wall to do it. The reflective capabilities of the foil will prevent the majority of the heat escaping and reflect it back into the room!

So there we are; some fantastic heat saving tips to ensure your heating bills and household heat wastage are reduced this winter!

Daniel Travis – Brown is always on the lookout for more Eco lifestyle tips and loves to share his planet friendly lifestyle when writing on behalf of bathshop321 shower baths. For more great tips find Danny on Twitter @DanTravisBrown


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