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Preparing Your Flat for Moving Out

Moving out of a flat can be a major hassle. There are all of the boxes to get packed, transport to arrange, moving of furniture and many other things that just simply won’t occur to you until the last minute. One thing that can often come back to bite people is the deposit.

Sometimes you can do everything possible only to find that your letting agent is retaining most of your deposit for some ridiculously obscure reason. This can be infuriating to say the least and there is often very little you can do about it. In fact the only way to really make sure is to be as thorough as possible in the final clean-up of the property. That way there’ll be little to pick at when they do their final inspection.

Here is a selection of checks that many people fail to make before they move out.

Wall Damage

While wall damage can sometimes be caused by the occasional accident, most often the culprit is from a door with no stopper being swung open too vigorously once too often. As a result there will be a clear hole in the wall that you might not notice as the door is hanging open. However, the agency will notice this as they scrutinise each and every corner.

In order to prevent this, check for damage behind every door. If there is some damage a small amount of plastering can make a big difference and will save you the reduction on your deposit return from them hiring a professional.


Carpets are often the main culprit for retention of your deposit. It’s a fact that carpets will wear down over time and there will be the occasional stain from a spillage so there is little you can do to prevent this entirely.

Letting agents will obviously be intent on re-letting the flat as soon as possible and in an unfurnished flat the first thing any potential tenant will notice is a filthy carpet. As a result the agency is likely to hire a cleaner or even replace a carpet meaning you are unlikely to see you deposit again.

To get around this, hire a carpet cleaner for the day you are moving out. That way all of the furniture will be out the way and you will be able to give it a run over the carpet several times to ensure it’s clean. This way you are only paying a small rental price to do it yourself as opposed to losing your whole deposit.

Cabinets and Drawers

Make sure that you check all kitchen cabinets are in good working condition before you move out. Loose hinges or screws can see the doors or drawers come away when opened and you simply don’t want to leave any reason to incur additional charges.

Do a final check of all the cabinets and drawers throughout the house. Some may only require a tightening of the screws while others might require a little extra DIY which you or a more DIY savvy friend should be able to handle.


Make sure that all of the furnishings are present and in working order. If anything has been broken or thrown out, you are likely to incur the full charges of the item as new.

As an additional point, if something does go missing then do not try to replace it with something similar. There is a very good chance that they won’t accept this as a replacement and you will have incurred the charge and forked out for an alternative needlessly.

If you take care of all of these key areas it is unlikely that the agency will be able to cut off part of your deposit.

One final consideration is to make sure you check the property for any damages before you agree to move in and have it noted by the letting agent. This way you won’t run the risk of being charged for something that was present before you moved in.

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