Seaside Living Also Has its Disadvantages

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I remember when I lived in South Africa. The warm sunshine was fantastic and we lived across the road from one of the biggest blue flag beaches in Cape Town. Life couldn’t be better and it is sincerely missed, since returning to the UK a few years ago.

Even though here, I have remained as close to the beach as possible, beach side living does come with a host of disadvantages. These can be managed though, so your lifestyle’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages if you do things properly.

Car Maintenance

You may not realise this but if you live beside the seaside, or you have a holiday home on the sea front, your car is going to be put through its paces. Sea air is so dangerous for a car’s body. I remember when the sea rose really high and the tide washed over the pavement, often we would be forced to drive under the crashing waves.

It wasn’t until a year later that you I noticed the rust spots coming through the paintwork of the car. Sea air is as dangerous as tree sap or bird droppings on a car; they erode into the body work and leave you with a rusting car.

The solution is easy; you need to use DIY rust proofing kits on a regular basis to ensure the body work of your vehicle is secure. A regular wash, at least once a week and finished off with rust prevention, if needed, can keep your car lasting a long time even when it’s parked beside the ocean on a daily basis.

Boat Care

Most people who lead a lifestyle by the water will own a boat. The majority of these boats are prone to rusting. While rust may not occur on the hull, you can expect things on the deck to start corroding after time due to the sea air.

Again the solution here is DIY rust proofing kits. There is no reason you should own a magnificent boat which enables you to go out on the ocean waves with your family and it’s ravaged by rust. A boat kept in good condition will hold its resale value.

People know when buying a boat if it’s been used in the sea and they will be able to negotiate price due to rust. If you keep your boat rust free you can then welcome decent offers, should you ever decide to sell.

Caravan Care

Camping is a popular holiday experience for many of us here in the UK. We head to Dorset where we can park our caravan on the water’s edge or we head to the picturesque Cornwall, where we can head to the beach only minutes from the camp-site.

While this is a wonderful way to spend a family summer vacation, you are putting strain on your caravan the whole time. Caravans are not cheap and you probably had to save up for quite a while to purchase your mobile holiday home.

When you get home you should wash your caravan thoroughly, even though you probably feel like heading inside and popping your feet up in front of the television. Use DIY rust proofing kits on exposed areas to reduce the risk of rust coming through after being exposed to sea air for so long. This way you keep your investment safe; you keep it rust free and ready to face another summer by the sea next year.

Trailer Maintenance

One of the many things you probably own if you live near the sea or go on summer vacations is a trailer. These are so handy to carry all the excess baggage the family have packed for a few weeks away. The chances are you will find everything in your trailer, par the kitchen sink. A trailer is one of the handiest items you will own whether it’s to transport goods or it’s your boat or wet bike trailer. Again, being near the ocean these will corrode, they rust to nothing and eventually will need replacing. You can prevent this by using DIY rust proofing kits on a regular basis; covering exposed areas will prevent any salt from corroding the body of the trailer and keeping it in excellent condition for years to come.

DIY rust proofing kits are easy to use and can be used on just about any exposed areas, perfect for those who enjoy seaside holidays or those who live near the ocean. Keep your assets safe and rust free throughout the year.


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