Secrets behind Property Rights – Key to your Property Safety and Security Lies Here

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As a home or business owner, it is upon you to ensure the safety and security of your property. This is only possible when you have an understanding of your property rights, which vary in different places due to government regulations. However, there are still certain measures that you should take regardless of where you are, in order to have high levels of safety for the protection of your household, staff, clients and business assets.



The following are the steps that are within your rights to ensure the security of your property:


  • Select trust-worthy key-holders

Whether it is the home or the office, the housekeeper, janitor or any other person you hand over the premises keys to should be one in whom you have implicit trust. This is the person responsible for the opening and closing of the premises. For this reason, take their home details and consider their access to transportation. This is also the person who gets called when authorities need to access the property following suspicious activity or an alarm that has gone off. In short, the person who keeps the spare set of keys should be fully trust-worthy, have easy access to transport and live relatively close to the property.


  • Install products for physical security

You can have window grilles, roller shutters and other types of security products installed to enhance safety. Consulting a security professional is a good idea when selecting these products, as you also get your property evaluated and the weak points in your security system highlighted. The result is products that ensure a waterproof security system.


  • Get a good insurance for the property

You should invest in your property’s insurance, especially for liabilities if you have tenants. A good insurance program is your protection against lawsuits because of discrimination or injuries. You are also protected against loss of the rental property due to such occurrences as vandalism.


  • Employ a security guard

Commercial properties have expensive items within them, and for this reason they are often a prime target for break-ins. It is a prudent move to hire a guard from a reputable security firm to monitor the premises outside of office hours. CCTV is an advisable addition to help with the monitoring.


  • Hire an oversees manager

When you rent out your property, you become financially responsible for the management of the property. Repairs have to be done out of your pocket and tenants have to be notified at least 24 hours before the maintenance crew enters the premises. To ensure the smooth running of all these tasks, hire a competent oversees manager. Incompetence or even a criminal employee will bring you more financial burdens than bargains.


  • Have an employee overtime protocol

When you have some members of your time coming in early in the morning and working late after office hours, you should prioritize their safety. A good team is one of the most important assets of an organization. To ensure their safety, have a protocol whereby no one is allowed to stay after hours unless they are accompanied by another person. It is safer to allow them do their overtime by working from home.



As the owner of a business or residential property, the responsibility of securing your property is solely yours. This is regardless of whether you are renting it out or using it for your own activities. With a good grasp of property rights, you are in a position to have the best security and safety measures for your property without running against the law.



Jolie is a property security specialist and a writer. He interrogates property rights and provides useful insights into the industry through his blogs and articles. He also writes on short term lets London and other property related issues.

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