‘Selling Your Home’ Tips on How to Decorate Your Home Before a Sale

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Selling your home in these economical circumstances can be time consuming and stressful. A home is very personal and holds many memories and a home move normally comes after much consideration. The current housing market for many is very slow, with this in mind if you want to sell your home you need to make it stand out from the pack and make it as desirable as possible to potential buyers.

Work with what you have

When selling your home you have to think about what your potential buyers want in a home. Think about when you viewed your home for the first time, what did you like about the property? What were your first impressions and what made you purchase this specific property. Also think about the other properties you viewed when searching for your current home, what made this one stand out and has it lost any of that charm or desire? You have to think from the buyer’s point of view and try to see what they will see and feel when they view the property. Work with what you have and emphasise the good points of your home. You can’t make a one bedroom flat look like a five bedroom detached house but you can make your one bedroom flat the best presented property they will view. The simplest way to achieve this is by finishing off all those decorating and home improvement jobs you have. Don’t deny it we all have a list of them, the ones we started but never finished. The curtain rail that fell down, the scratch mark on the wall, the list is endless. Get going with them you will be surprised what a difference it will make to the overall appearance of your home.

Keep it neutral & Clear the clutter

I don’t think that a huge budget is needed to decorate your home in order to sell it. I would advise to make your home as neutral as possible, make it almost a blank canvas. This is advised so that any potential buyers viewing the property view at as just that a blank canvas. When they walk in for the first time they are envisaging themselves living there. Money is tight for many of us and buying and selling property is expensive, people don’t want properties now that they need to spend huge amount of money on. If they see a clean neutrally decorated house they can just move in with their belongings and that’s then home to them. This does not have to be expensive for you to achieve this look; first of all clear the clutter. If possible store some things in the loft or storage spaces around the house. This will instantly give the home more space which is highly desirable to any buyer. I would also recommend neutralising the house buy painting it, if possible a neutral colour. Not only does it make the home appear to be a blank canvas but it also gives them impression of space. Remember when choosing paints for the home you’re not going to be living there. Don’t choose the most expensive or durable one, as long as it does the job that’s perfect.

One last tip, don’t forget outside your property. The front of the house is the first thing any potential buyer will see when viewing a property. Keep it neat and tidy; remember any outside space is a valuable selling point to a property.


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Dasiy Burgess - Home Improvement Enthusiast Offering Advice For Painters And Decorators In Essex

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