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Getting rid of old things can be painful, sometimes it’s like you’re throwing away your past. However, this pain soon subsides when you realise that regularly clearing out your home leaves you with a lot more space. A lot of the time, the things cluttering up your corridors don’t even hold that much sentimental value. You can even make a bit of money from throwing away the old things in your house.

If you go through your cupboard, you’ll probably start to find a few old items of clothing that make you wonder what on earth you were doing buying them, let alone wearing them. The good news is that you’ll probably be able to find someone online who is just as mad and deluded as you were.

There is a big market for old clothes, especially if they look vintage and there are plenty of internet auction sites to deal with the high demand. Even if you think an old pair of trousers looks hideous, if you persevere hard enough, you should be able to find a buyer who loves them enough to pay a decent price for them.

However, sometimes an item simply won’t make enough money to justify the time and effort it takes to list it online. In cases like these, why not give them to charity? Your local charity shop will be more than pleased to relieve you of some of your old clothes.

Another item that always sells well is old computer games. You might find that you have some old games that are difficult to find in the shops now and they could command quite a good fee, so it might be a good idea to sell old computer games online at specialist online auction sites. You can also try to get rid of unwanted CDs and DVDs this way.

Some things may not look like they have much value; however, if you list certain items, like any old building materials you find, or old kitchen utensils, then you might be surprised at how quickly they get snapped up. DIY enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a good deal on building material like old wood, and it’s amazing what unlikely things artists are looking for. Some things, like old teapots, you can even give a new lease of life by using them as plant pots.

Of course, some things are, unfortunately, worthless. However, before you go down to the dump, you should check what you have that could be recycled; it certainly beats adding to the already overflowing landfill sites. Unusual items that you may be able to recycle include old water filters, pizza boxes, wine corks and old phone books.


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