The Benefits of Roof Windows

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Roof windows and skylights are becoming more and more common in domestic homes. Take a walk around your local neighbourhood and it will quickly become apparent just how popular the roof window has become in recent years. This rise in popularity has been gradual as opposed to sudden with installations slowing growing since the 1990’s as the benefits of such windows became apparent.
With families growing and space more and more at a premium, any chance to create extra room in the home has to be considered, this is exactly what a roof window can provide – a chance to create, and maximise space in the home. An unused loft can be converted, with the help of a skylight, into another bedroom or extra storage space. A dark and dingy upstairs room can become light, airy and useable just through the installation of a roof window.
Skylight or roof window

You’re probably thinking now, what is the difference between a skylight and a roof window? Well a skylight is a window that opens and a roof window is a window that does not; however, the two are used interchangeably and one could mean the other. As a result, such windows are commonly advertised as roof window skylights.
Types of roof window
The choice of roof windows is plentiful; there are various types of window that can be installed onto a flat roof as easily as a traditional sloping roof. Windows on flat roofs are common seen on commercial properties and schools, providing some natural light where lighting would otherwise be needed. Common roof windows and skylights include: Fenstro skylight, pitch roof window, velux windows and flat roof kerbs. Frames come in aluminium and solid wood and glass comes in clear, tinted or frosted.
Double glazed window
When choosing a skylight or roof window for your property, it is recommended to choose a double glazed unit, fortunately, the majority of modern units will come as double glazed as standard, some will even have triple panes, which offer extra benefits although will be more expensive. The reason for recommending double glazed roof windows are the benefits in saving on heating bills and lowering carbon emissions. Selecting a unit with low emissivity glass (Low-E) will give you a window that is designed to allow sunlight heat and preventing it from leaving. With a window being on the roof, this will be extremely beneficial, providing an abundance of free heat, this will lower heating bills, which in turn helps the environment. Double glazed skylights also provide extra security with toughened, shatter proof glass.
Choosing opening skylights will give you a choice of accessories. Opening controls are available manually or motor operated by remote control. The latter is the more convenient option but is also the most expensive. Security locking systems are available to prevent children from operating the window. Locks will always be located at the top of the window as will the handle, both out of the reach of children.


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