The Best Guide To Buying Cooling, Cleaning And Cooking Appliances

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Buying a new house can be a daunting process. You have the fear that the deal might fall through, your favourite vase gets damaged and then there’s the packing and unpacking which let’s face it, will probably be on a rainy day. So the last thing you really want to do is have to research and find the best appliances for your new-fangled abode all alone.
Below you’ll find the best guide to cooling, cleaning and cooking appliances to make at least one thing a bit easier during the move!

Choosing the best fridge freezers

Beer, wine and chocolate are the best things to come out of a fridge in my opinion. You also can’t deny ice cream is one of the best things to come from the freezer, and that’s about as much as you normally need to know about a fridge freezer, until the point where you need to buy a new one that is.
So what are we looking for?
Not all fridge freezers are the same. They vary in colour, size, shape and finish, and that’s just the cosmetic features. They’re also massively different in terms of space inside, freezer ratings, frost free options, water dispensers and cooling methods. The list does go on a bit, so rather than me spending my whole life at the computer explaining all features, I’ll give you the best advice to picking a fridge freezer that suits you.
Size matters…
When looking at the space or capacity inside a fridge freezer it’s a good idea to look at the net capacity. One thing I have noticed is sometimes the gross capacity can seem appealing but when you look at the net capacity it isn’t as great. The more space inside the fridge freezer the more things you can store. This is very useful in the freezer compartment when buying in bulk.
4* is the new 5*!
Yes you heard it right, if you’re going for a fridge freezer make sure that you go for one which has a freezer star rating 4. It’s a common misconception that freezers will store food forever, however only a 4 star rated freezer will keep the food fresh and safe for up to 12 months.

No ice is still cool!
Opting for a frost free freezer and an auto-defrost refrigerator will give you more satisfaction over the life of your appliance. This is because when frost build-up happens, you’re never quite in the mood to scrape and chisel away at the ice like a sculptor. You would be surprised how many people have completely ruined their fridge freezers chiselling at the ice with a knife. This feature will do all the hard work for you and reduce the chances of you damaging your fridge freezer.
Find an eco-friendly fridge freezer…
No it won’t go hugging trees and chaining itself to an aeroplane whilst fighting for peace. One thing to bear in mind is a fridge freezer will remain switched on throughout its entire life, so it makes perfect sense to get one that will save you money on your bills. Saving your hard earned cash is not all though, it will even do its bit for the eco system and in turn make you a happier bunny all round! Look for A+ rated upwards and this won’t cost the Earth.

Choosing the best washer dryers

If you’re like me and your kitchen is smaller than a doll’s house, then a washer dryer is the best option for saving kitchen space. Washer dryers are proving more and more popular these days, probably due to them being aesthetically pleasing and easier to use.
On the list of features for the best washer dryers you should find an energy rating of A, quick wash, low noise level, and a good sized drying load. Remember when you look at the wash load of a washer dryer you will find that the drying load will usually be around half the amount of its washing capacity. If you want an A+++++ rated washer dryer then you will find that there isn’t one unfortunately. When you’re considering a washer dryer and would like it to be extra energy efficient, please bear in mind that the drying facility will always bring down the overall efficiency due to the heating element.
You’ll find the top washer dryers will clean themselves too. This will not only save you a job, but if you forget to clean the washer dryer, as most people do, then you aren’t going to get a nasty build up of gunk or bad smelling clothes.
A washer dryer is also the convenient alternative for people living in apartments and flats as they don’t need to be vented and the space saved means room for a dishwasher or other appliance in its place.

Choosing the best dual fuel range cookers

So it’s time for a new cooker and you have seen one that you like, except there’s also this other one in silver and that other one with the classic brass finish on the handles. Decisions, decisions. To be perfectly honest they’re all lovely and they all practically do the same thing, so which of these dual fuel range cookers will be the best one for you?
In order to distinguish which of these will be your preferred choice, budget can play a large part. We can’t all splash out on thousands of pounds for kitchen appliances. It’s just a fact of life. Besides, just because a cooker is less in price than another does not mean that it is better. So I have picked out the best dual fuel range cookers for several budgets:

Under £1000
Be careful when buying range cookers for less than £1000 if you are looking for a professional result. Some manufacturers build cheap alternatives and looks are not everything. At the end of the day this will need to provide years of excellent service for your family. With Leisure you get the solid build quality, ease of use and the value for money. Leisure have created one of the best dual fuel range cookers and still managed to keep it below the £1000 mark, so be careful not to let too many people know as they’ll all want one!

Under £2000
Stoves RICHMOND1000DFT – Stoves are well known for their quality so to see a cooker of this overall quality, practicality and functionality for less than £2000 is a miracle. Stoves heat to temperature quickly and offer a high maximum temperature, so cooking times can be reduced. The build is solid and it would look stunning in any kitchen. There are cheaper alternatives for those who want a similar style and function, but they are no comparison! Expect excellent cooking results and envious friends and family.

Under £3000
Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel 94200 – This range cooker is nothing short of stunning and because it’s available in more colours than the rainbow, there is no excuse why you can’t have one in your kitchen (as long as it fits). This is the finest cooker I’ve seen and Rangemaster have made this beautiful appliance do everything. The build quality is excellent, the cooking capabilities are far more than any rival and the stay clean liners mean that you never need to clean it inside which gives you more time to enjoy cooking.

All of these range cookers are in their own right worthy of anybody’s kitchen. The only thing that you need to decide is how much you want to spend on one.

Written by Alan Gregory, writer for Appliances Online by day, gloves and socks model by night. You can read my tweets @AlanJGregory on Twitter and I’m quite possibly the largest fan of cheese on toast with brown sauce.

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