The essential DO’s and avoidable DON’Ts when moving home

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The essential DO’s and avoidable DON’Ts when moving home

So, it’s got to that time. You’re sick of staring at the same four walls day in day out and can’t wait until you’ve made it in to your shiny new home. Or maybe it’s slightly less sinister and you’re just in need of a change and a move to a new house is the perfect remedy. Whatever your reason is for moving home, there are plenty of things that you should be doing and a few things that you shouldn’t be doing. If it’s all getting a bit too much and you need a hand in organising your life then read on…there’s a few useful tips waiting that might just save your life!


An unavoidable consequence of moving, packing is probably the most time consuming (and sometimes soul destroying) part of the moving process. Nonetheless, it has to be done, so here’s some handy advice to take on board:

Packing DO’s

  • Start packing early (months in advance)
  • Pack up all non-essential items
  • Use special packaging for fragile items
  • Ensure you have somewhere to store packed goods
  • Throw away anything that is not necessary

Packing DON’Ts

  • Avoid packing away crucial goods (like your hoover)
  • Avoid putting it off until it’s too late
  • Avoid chucking everything randomly into boxes (this will make unpacking a nightmare)
  • Avoid leaving packed boxes cluttering up your house
  • Avoid taking everything to your new home (we are all guilty of hoarding useless clutter)

Follow that simple advice and your packing nightmares should turn into organisational dreams.

Moving Day

The moving day is the most important part of your move. Get it right and you’ll be settling in to your new home in no time at all. Get it wrong, and you’ll be kicking yourself for ever wanting to move in the first place. Here are a few tips to ensure you get it right first time around.

Moving Day DO’s

  • Use a professional removal company (they know their stuff)
  • Pick a quiet weekday
  • Find a quick and easy route to your new home
  • Warn friends and family in advance so they can help
  • Arrange parking so you can load and unload undisturbed

Moving Day DON’Ts

  • Avoid DIY removals (they sound much better in your head…they are HELL)
  • Avoid weekends (busy roads and streets create stress)
  • Don’t forget to plan the layout of your new home
  • Don’t forget to warn the removal company of everything you intend to move
  • Don’t move without valid insurance (things can go wrong, be safe)

Those tips should make for a comfortable transition to your new home on moving day.

All in all…don’t be fools. There are plenty of people who think they have their move sorted, only to realise that they couldn’t be more wrong. This isn’t everything you need to consider, after all, your move cannot be dictated in 500 words. However, there’s some pretty crucial elements laid out here that should get that old workhorse between your ears jogging and set you up for organisational success. Try them out and see how you get on with your move…and good luck!

Stuart Withers is a word wrangling internet author specialising in writing engaging content for numerous businesses. After moving home and office with Capital Moves, he has decided to provide this bitesize advice to help the rest of the world with their moving blues.

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