The first 10 simple steps for property selling success!

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Your home is the biggest single investment you are ever likely to make and once you have your foot on the property ladder, it is only a matter of time before you want or need to move to a new home. Selling your existing property is therefore a vital thing to do and getting the steps right can impact not only how long it takes to sell your home but also it can impact how much your property is valued at and ultimately sells for.

We are doing a quick series of guides to help you realise the return on your investment and ensure that you get as much of the money that is available in the property market, through your hands during the property sale.

  1. Make an impression – the right one! – The first impression for visitors is crucial. As soon as a potential buyer arrives at your home think about the first thing they see and make it as appealing and welcoming as possible. How does your front garden look, what about your main entrance door? Make sure everything is clean and ain a good state of repair. This is the property version of a smile so make sure everything, regardless of the weather is clean, accessible and sets a good tone for the rest of the visit.
  2. Improve as much as you can – Touch up paint, replace the damaged wallpaper, seal cracks and repair the apparent broken windows give your home a new look. This is not about spending a fortune; it is about taking care of the details. Whether you have a mansion, flat or house, you need to ensure that the buyer can see it as their home. Buying a property is an emotional experience; make it a happy one and your property will fly out of the estate agents books.
  3. Welcome the sun – Daylight enhances the charm of a house. Raise the blinds and curtains, visitors can see how well your home is well lit and welcoming. Make use of light fabrics, light wall colours and mirrors to allow as much light in as possible. This creates a sense of space and again, light wins over dark when it comes to appeal.
  4. Repair water leaks – A leaky faucet affects the appearance of a bath or sinks and betrays a defective plumbing, which may discourage some buyers. Fix the problem as soon as possible. If you don’t have any issues, double check! Even a dripping tap has been known to put off buyers; again this attention to detail can impact the overall final sale price.
  5. Attention to detail – These are the finer details that reflect the general appearance of a property. Take the time to check the operation of doors, drawers and windows. If a draw sticks, then the buyer if so inclined may become much more attentive to finding other faults. Property buying and selling is game; this is the ultimate in negotiations. You need to make as much money as you can and the buyer wants to save as much money as they can, your job here is to make the property as close to ideal as possible and this means not skimping on the details for the best price of course!
  6. Enhance security – Make sure that your doors and windows have effective security and ensure that you are seen unlocking doors if you are touring any buyer’s trough your home. Feeling safe and secure is a basic human need and ensuring that any security features such as high walls, neighbourhood watch and other elements are pointed out can again enhance the desire to own the property and make for a faster sale.
  7. Storage matters, show the opportunities you have – Attic, basement and other storage areas should certainly not be neglected. Light them up and make sure they are clean and accessible and do not hesitate to apply a coat of paint if necessary. We all grow to accommodate that space we live in, show the growing potential of the property may well appeal to many buyers.
  8. Storage cabinets – Following on the storage theme, make sure any kitchen or bathroom cabinets are cleverly stocked to maximise space. You are in the habit here of making sure your buyers can see the property potential and imagine themselves living in it.
  9. Bathroom and kitchen – the heart of the home – These areas both greatly influence the decision of the buyer. Neutral colours are a big factor and so is cleanliness! Make sure that everything looks and smells pristine in both areas. There are many online typos about malign these parts of the home as appealing as possible. Time spent on these two areas is known to impact the price of the overall property.
  10. Focus on simplicity – A well ventilated, clean and harmonious home will put the customer at ease and improve the visitor experience. Remove unnecessary furniture items, keep ornaments to a minimum. Think of it as you presenting as close to a warm blank canvas as possible and then your buyer is free to imagine and add their own tastes as they think about owning this as their home.

The next 10 simple steps for property selling success will pick up where this guide leaves off for you.


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