The Moving Day Checklist – Don’t Forget These Important Things!

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Moving day is a real hassle, and in the heat of the moment it’s easy to forget one or two things…pens and papers, stamps, keys, pets, small children and babies, spouses.

We’ve all done it, but how can you avoid it?

The same way you solve every problem: ask the internet!

Use this easy checklist we’ve compiled for you, and be (relatively) confident that you’ve not forgotten anything too important as you move house.

1. Notify People Of Your Change Of Address

This is so important that it cannot be overstated, but in the rush to get all your possessions in the back of the moving van, it can get left behind very easily.

There are a few (free!) services that you can use to easily notify everyone at once of your new address, which you can find by Googling “moving house notification service”, but if you want complete peace of mind you can always do it yourself.

As long as you’ve contacted your gas & electricity suppliers, your local government, and telephone services, you should be off to a good start, after that it’s a matter of racking your brains for every subscription and newsletter you ever received.

Most important of all, though is to notify your bank! You don’t want your bank details in someone else’s hands.


2. Make Sure Everything Is Ready To Use

It’s easy to forget this in everyday life, when your belongings’ not being clean or fully functional is a minor annoyance that can be put off and fixed at a later date.

When moving house, though, these things can completely ruin your day. None of the things you rely on to get you out of sticky situations are in place, all your tools and equipment are buried somewhere under all your furniture, and somebody forgot to pack the dishwashing tablets.

Avoid these problems by keeping a bag of useful tools (allen keys, screwdrivers, hammer, nails, screws & bolts) in their own, easily-accessible bag. Make sure each person moving house with you has their own small bag, full of the essentials for living day-to-day – clean clothes for two days, clean clothes for two nights, soaps and shampoos, and toothbrushes.

If worst comes to worst, make sure that you at least know where the nearest general store or supermarket is by scoping the area on an online map service.


3. Charge All The Things!

There can be all kinds of last minute emergencies when moving house, and a charged phone (especially a charged smartphone) can prove to be essential. Make sure you pack all cords and chargers, too, even if they look useless. Nothing is worse than finding out you chucked the Sat-Nav charger by mistake in the middle of nowhere.

Once charged, switch anything non-essential off to ensure that they are fully-charged once you reach your new place.


4. Change Some Notes Into Coins

There will be hiccups.

Finding an unmetered parking space in a city will be tough. Bathrooms might not be working properly. You might get hungry and have no food you are able to get to or make.

Most of all, if you’re travelling a long distance, there may well be toll booths along the way.

Coins are just more flexible than notes, and thus more useful as tools. Try to get at least two of every denomination from your local post office.

Any Questions?

This is my personal checklist for moving day, and it’s never let me down. If you think I left something important off, please mention it in the comments and help spread the knowledge!


James Duval

James Duval writes blog posts about property and moving houses for eMoov estate agents, who offer a cheap online real estate service.

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