The Top 3 Garden Power Tools for New Homeowners

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If you are starting out as a homeowner, or perhaps have a garden for the first time, you may be turning your mind to what you need to do to keep your garden neat, tidy and an attractive place to be.

You probably realize that you can’t manage a garden without tools. The problem is, when you are not used to gardening, it can be bewildering to contemplate all the various tools and equipment associated with outdoor maintenance. Of course, what you actually need will depend upon your garden layout and the plants and features in it.  But, assuming you have a fairly typical suburban plot with lawn, flower beds, hedges and shrubs and some larger trees, here is a short introduction to the three essential tools you are likely to need.

Lawn Mowers

Nothing makes a garden looked well-kept like a newly cut lawn. But what kind of lawn mower do you need? Well, it pretty much depends upon how much lawn you have to cut. If you have a relatively small lawn area then a simple electric lawnmower may suit you. If you want the convenience of not having to deal with cords then a cordless mower would be the best choice. You should know however, the cordless mowers are more expensive than their corded electric counterparts.

However, if you have a fair sized lawn to cut, especially if the grass can sometimes get thick, lush and long, you will probably find that a gas powered lawnmower will be your best bet. Although they can be noisy and require some maintenance, a gas powered mower will allow you to keep your lawn in trim with the most efficiency. You can pick up a  decent gas mower like the Husqvarna  7021P for less than $300.

String Trimmers

If keeping your garden looking sharp is a priority, then keeping crisp edges to your lawn and flower beds will go a long way to meeting your demands. Specialised electric or gas powered lawn edgers are available, but the job can easily be carried out with a string trimmer. Again, these are available in cordless, corded electric and gas powered versions, but the cordless and gas powered models are definitely easier to use when it comes edging. The advantage of buying a trimmer is that you can use it to keep down weeds and wild areas of your garden as well as for sharpening up your edges.

Hedge Trimmers

If your garden has hedges or evergreen shrubs of any significant size, the you are likely to find that a powered hedge trimmer will make your life a lot easier. Choose a corded trimmer if you don’t have too much to cut and what you do have is close to an electric outlet. Choose a cordless model if you need to work further away from a power source but you value the freedom of not beng tethered to a cord. But, remember, most battery packs will only last for 40 minutes to an hour (there are some exceptions), so if you have a lot of hedges to cut you may need a charged-up spare battery at hand. Finally, choose a gas model for the ultimate in convenience – use it anywhere and for as long as you want.

With hedge trimmers, it is worth looking out for a trimmer with dual action (i.e. double sided blades).  These cut in both directions and therefore help you get the job done in double quick time.

Of course, there is lots more outdoor power equipment that you might find you need in due course – chipper-shredders, leaf blowers, or garden tillers for example. But, for general maintenance and a good looking yard, these three tools will keep your hedges, edges and lawns looking sharp all year round.


Martin Cole

Martin Cole is a gardener and garden writer.  He appreciates the value of good power tools and writes about outdoor power equipment at

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