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In today’s economy, selling your home can be a challenging experience, but it can be even more so if you’re a first time home seller. From deciding what your asking price is to choosing between doing things on your own versus choosing a realtor, first time home sellers are often faced with a lot of difficult choices. If you’re trying to get the most money you can while offering the best deal, regardless of the housing market, here are some tips for first time sellers:

1.) Be Realistic
Although your home may be priceless to you and your family, the fact is, you’re going to need to place a real-world value on it. You may have spent years accumulating memories in your home, but the truth is, you need to figure out what it’s worth in the current market and then price it accordingly.

One of the biggest mistakes that first time sellers make is pricing their homes too high, and once again, in today’s market, that could lead to a home sitting on the market for far too long.

2.) Promotion is the Key
While you may know what an amazing home you have, you can’t expect anyone else to know it unless you promote. Think of trying to sell your home like any other business; you want people to know what a value your sale is, so you need to tell them. You can promote your home sale in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular is by using a realtor.

A quality realtor will have connections within the real estate industry, allowing them to market your home to potential buyers in the most effective and efficient ways. If you choose to sell your home on your own, you will want to take advantage of traditional media, such as newspaper and television ads, as well as new media, such as social networking sites.

3.) Have Your Home Prepared
No matter what avenues you choose to follow when selling your home, you should always be prepared to show it off. This means keeping your home as clean and tidy as possible, but it also means making your home as friendly to outsiders as you can. You should always try to keep personal pictures or sentiments put away when people come to look at your house, as these items may make the potential buyer feel as though they are walking into someone else’s home and not their own.

You will also want to make yourself available to leave on short notice if a potential buyer decides to drop by. Once again, the goal is to give a potential buyer the sense that they will be walking through their own future home, not your current one.
As mentioned, you may want to partner with a real estate professional when trying to sell your home, especially if it’s your first time doing so. A real estate professional will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the process, they can help you to list your home for sale and they will be able to handle all buyer interactions. When seeking a realtor, try to find one who has experience in your local area, not just one who has experience nationally.

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