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It’s often said that moving house ranks right up there in the stressful stakes alongside a divorce or the death of a loved one. Whether you’re just moving around the corner, or from one end of the country to another, the thought of packing boxes and shifting everything from one house to another strikes fear into the heart of many, and that’s not counting the legal wrangling and organisation which comes before the packing stage. So if you’re already stressed out to the max, how do you get through the moving day?


As soon as you know you are intending moving, put the word out around friends and family that you need packing materials. Accept all offers of boxes, bubble wrap or tape, and as soon as people give you boxes, start filling them. The more you can get done earlier in the process, the less stressed you will be on the day itself. Start with items you don’t use often such as special items of china, vases, ornaments or pictures. Label boxes carefully with what is inside and what room the box is intended for as the movers will be able to put the box directly into the right room in the new house.

Getting A Moving Firm

Ask for recommendations of moving firms from friends who have recently moved, or from your estate agent. The major decision is whether you are going to pack everything yourself, or get them to pack for you. The second option is obviously more expensive. Ask the moving company whether they can supply special wardrobe boxes which make moving clothes far easier, and how they plan to handle large items such as pine bedroom furniture or tables. Get a quote from three competing firms and then choose which company you want to go with. Arrange a date with the company and you’re ready to go.

The day before

The day before the move is when the real work starts. Assuming you have been packing boxes over the previous weeks, it should not be too daunting a task. Work methodically, packing room by room everything that you won’t need before you move. Leave boxes where they are as the movers will move boxes from upstairs rooms directly into the lorry. Movers will not clear lofts or attics though, so move boxes downstairs. If you have antique pine bedroom furniture or other large items of value, protect them as best you can by cushioning corners, and ask the movers to cover them with blankets or other padding during the journey.

On the Day

Time is of the essence on moving day, so get up early and pack up anything left in the house so that you are ready to go when the movers arrive. Stand back and let them get on with the moving job, pointing out anything which is particularly heavy or fragile. At the other end, stand by the lorry and direct the movers to particular rooms with furniture and boxes. Once the movers have left, prioritise unpacking. There is no point unpacking CDs and ornaments if there is no mug for a cup of tea or duvets to sleep under.


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