Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Property

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This article lists ten crucial questions that should be asked before buying a property, and is relevant to both residential and commercial buildings.

Don’t be Hasty

The vast majority of people who get their fingers burned when it comes to property purchases do so because they cannot wait to secure the property, and make a hasty decision without knowing all of the necessary ins and outs relating to a property.

We looked at ten questions that you must ask before buying a property of any type.

1.Does Anything Come With the Property?

Such as land, a garage, and also furniture and fittings that are currently within the property. This is always worth asking so that you can avoid nasty shocks later on!

2.What Are Your Utility Outgoings?

This one can obviously differ depending on how many people live in your house, but if you are moving to a bigger property then you need to consider increased utility bills, as well as local taxes, and business rates if buying commercial property.

3.Why are They Selling?

It can be difficult to get an honest answer for this one – after all, the seller or the agent doesn’t want to put you off!

4.Have There Been Problems With Heating?

Some people will be selling and leaving a broken down boiler or central heating system behind. Ensure you know when they were last serviced or replaced, and ask to see all certificates relating to this.

5.What Insulation is There?

This could be key to keeping your energy bills down, or might be an investment you need to make. Does the property have roof or wall insulation? Newer properties are almost always built this way.

6.Has the Building Been Altered?

If the answer is yes, ask to see all notices of planning permission, you don’t want to move in then be served notice to change something that isn’t down to you!

7.Is the Property Listed or Protected?

You may want to make alterations yourself in the future – if the building is listed or protected then you won’t be able to make the changes you want to, ask before you buy!

8.Has There Been any Recent Decorative Work?

You need to investigate here if the answer is yes – why would they decorate if they are selling? Perhaps they just wanted to make the place look attractive, or perhaps they are hiding something.

9.What is the Area Like?

If you are new to the area then ask the agent or the buyer what the surrounding area is like. Research online yourself, too, as they will most likely make it sound like paradise, and go way over the top in doing so.

10.Have you had any Issues With Neighbours?

Again, this can be difficult to ascertain – if they admit to having noisy neighbours they might never sell! If you don’t get the answers you feel you need, you could always introduce yourself to your potential neighbours and find out for yourself.

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