Top Tips for Selling Your Home

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Selling your home as you will soon found out is an extremely stressful time for the entire family. To speed up the selling process you can easily follow this list. It is a simple guide to making your home appear valuable for others looking to buy. No home is unsellable, so get down when you only have a few responses a day. You also do not have to leave all the work to the agents; you can make a few decisions on your own.


To give yourself the best chance of selling your home fast, do not start in November or December. These are month when people are generally busy at work and are starting to think about Christmas. Money is usually tight for most families around this time as well. The peak times to sell your home are February and March months, this is true for property selling around the world.

Target Market

When you are deciding to sell your home you need to think who are the people who want to buy your home. Your future buyers will look at the area, style of home, potential of the home, nearby necessities and interior designs. Once you have decided who your target market is you can start making your home fit those requirements. For example, if the home is geared towards the children and family, make sure the children’s rooms are painted nicely, toys stacked neatly, outside area is inviting for children to play etc. Consider each and every room for that target market. Some parents might like to know that you already have all the safety features installed in the cupboards and windows, electrical sockets etc. At the end of the day it must fit the lifestyle of your intended buyer.


When people walk into a home they want to imagine their things inside it. Therefore, clean out any clutter that might throw them off. Stacks of old magazines in the fireplace are not going to create a good image for the buyers. Clutter also seems to make houses seem a lot smaller than what it actually is. A great tip is to actually start storing your extra items in small storage units; this will make moving a lot easier as well.


Depending on the state of your home you may need to have your carpets cleaned professionally, have a room repainted or fix a broken cupboard. I can promise you that this will make the biggest difference in selling your home faster.


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