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Buying a house is important, it’s the biggest financial decision you will make and therefore need to be happy with your purchase. The first step to buying a house is researching the suburb -as we all know, you buy a house in the suburb, not the other way around. There are five key factors that play an important role in choosing a suburb.

Number one:  Location

Location is essential to purchasing a property. The question that you need to ask yourself: is my suburb situated close to my work, my activities and my lifestyle. No one wants to kill themselves driving two hours to work and two hours home again, just so they can live in the perfect little cottage on the beach front. You need to be within commuting distance of your activities. Remember when looking at the location, one of the biggest components of the price on a house is the view. A good view will raise the price of a house exponentially.

Number two: Infrastructure

When choosing a suburb, have a look at the infrastructure in the area. Are you situated near a police department, a fire station, a hospital, parks and a public library. These five places are a key sign of a developed suburb.

Number three: Crime rates

No one wants to live in constant fear of being burgled or not being able to let l your kids play in the street. There are statistics on police websites or at the local police stations mentioning the crime rates in the area over the last month, quarter and year. This should give you an indication of the type of suburb it is. You need to feel safe in the area you look, as this could be where you live.

Number four: Transport

With petrol prices sky rocketing, the food prices following and your salary losing that race, public transport has become a vital component in suburb choices. One needs safe and reliable public transport to take you to work and get your children to school.

Number five: School

A school is another telltale sign of the area. Read up on the schools, view them online and speak to teachers. You will quickly find out whether this is the best place to educate your children.

Before you go rushing for the bond calculators, picking out furniture for the house you absolutely love and begin planning for the house warming, remember these five key factors when picking out the suburb you decide to live in. Don’t be caught short, do your research and find the best suburb for both yourself and your family.


Greg Jones

I am Greg Jones- a housing specialist. Use the tips inside the article to buy the right house for you and your family. Remember to use a bond calculators to ensure you are able to afford it.

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